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Vrijpoorter Refugee Council


Elder Statesman
Jul 27, 2018
Berlin, Germany
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The Vrijpoorter Refugee Council is one of the world's oldest institutions dedicated to the aid and resettlement of refugees. Founded in 1797, the VRC was created by Rabbi Akiva Nachman to supplement efforts by the Vrijpoort government to take in Jewish refugees from countries across Gallo-Germania that were expelling Jews or allowing pogroms to threaten their lives. Since then it has grown into a large international non-governmental organisation that assists peoples of all types as they flee conflicts and seek a safe and better life, whether temporarily or permanently.

The VRC provides two basic series of aid: initial and long-haul.

Initial aid takes the form of providing immediate needs for refugees at or near the sites of conflict. This can include food, water, medicine, medical care, basic education, temporary housing, etc. This type of aid often occurs in refugee camps set up by the VRC where tent structures provide basic shelter for refugees and housing for aid workers, the majority of whom are volunteers from all over the world.

Long-haul aid provides a series of programmes and services to refugees after their initial needs have been met. Assisting in the return to their homes if safe and possible is one possibility. As this is not always possible, aiding in their resettlement in safe countries that are willing to accept them makes up a large portion of long-haul aid. The VRC assists with obtaining refugee visas and transport to safe countries and has contacts on the ground in those countries for helping with finding permanent housing, jobs, school for children and more.


A large portion of our funding comes from the Government of the Principality of Vrijpoort in generous grants that have been renewed and approved for decades by the Vrijpoort Senate. Yet an extremely important part of our funding also comes from individuals and institutions across the globe large and small. To make a tax-free donation to the VRC (for Vrijpoort-registered entities and tax resident individuals only) please get in touch. Or send an SMS to 44 7071 to make a one-time donation of 100ƒ.


We operate across the globe in nearly all countries. From Gallo-Germania to Westernesse, Himyar to Touyou, we rush to help where others are fleeing from. We seek assistance from safe countries across the globe and do our best to successfully place immigrants there for short and long-term settlement and always ensure to provide our expertise on integrating these new and needy arrivals.


VRIJPOORT: ongoing refugee projects with a current urgent need to care for more than 100,000 Pannonian refugees.

THALGAU (Former Pannonian Province of): over 1 million Pannonian refugees in camps operated by the VRC in this small region home to only 3 million locals.

DUNE SEA (Dominion of the): over 5 million internally displaced persons fleeing conflict between terrorist organisation and gangs and the local and Vrijpoort security services.

BATAVIË (Dominion of): new camps are being built to take overflow from Vrijpoort and Thalgau and plans are in place for permanent resettlement.

We also have dozens of other missions across the world for refugees and asylum seekers from conflicts and political injustice large and small.

We are constantly seeking partners with governments to help take in displaced refugees for either temporary or permanent resettlement. Please be in touch if your government can assist in resettlement!