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Imperium Anglorum

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Apr 6, 2015
Delegate's Speech, 7 March 2016

Hello, fellow Europeans.

Whilst I am sure that many of us are not active on these forums, or very lively in matters far from our own shores, I am very happy to continue as your Delegate through the new year. Whilst it has been nearly a month since the appointment of The City-State of Vienna to the post of Foreign Secretary, I would like to record that here.

On the last day of January, before the Kalends of February, I that our then-Foreign Secretary, Ecclestia, was resigning. As I stated then:
Over nearly an 106 day tenure, Ecclestia has helped to navigate the murky waters never before travelled in our time. If the region is a ship, then Ecclestia has served as one of its great navigators. If we are to see him off to new lands, let us also remember those who have come before us and do so fondly.

Since then, whilst it went unannounced in Delegate statement (due to an unfortunate oversight), The City-State of Vienna is our new Foreign Secretary. No further adjustments in the Cabinet have been necessary, as Jenesia has maintained his watchful and everlasting vigil over the region. I am happy and proud to be serving which such honourable and supportive Cabinet members.

Recent events abroad have shaken some of us to the core. There have been major incidents in the raiding world and the state of NationStates -- our continued security as well as our lives here at home. Those incidents abroad are minor and are no threat to a region such as ours. We have the numbers. We have the strength. Europe's security, so far as it has remained, will most certainly be secure. Those changes in NationStates itself have been welcomed by the community, both on the regional message board and on our forums here as well. We will be happy to see them play out.

The world of NationStates, not matter its storms, tsunamis, and typhoons, has broken gently on our shores. Europe is has again passed 600 nations and is again one of the largest regions in the world. My own number of endorsements is higher than it has ever been, hovering around the 239 mark. I believe it can go higher.

We will redouble our recruitment campaigns. We will redouble our engagement efforts with you, the people of Europe. We will redouble our efforts in the World Assembly. We will do these things, and other things, without abandoning our values, without abandoning our neutrality. There are those amongst us who wish to sow dissent and lash out in reckless aggression. It is not the way to go. The waves beat gently on our shores for a reason. And beat gently they will.


Imperium Anglorum
Delegate of Europe