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  1. Pelasgia

    The Phoenix and the Eagle [ATTN: Arcadia]

    Propontis, Pelasgia December 8 was the day when winter finally decided to arrive in Propontis. The regions of the country deeper inland, closer to the mighty White Mountains had already felt its chill and had even started to see snow, while the isles of the Archipelago scarcely felt any...
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    The Queen of Cities

    Propontis, Pelasgia A bell loudly tolled thrice, signaling that it was three in the afternoon. The large chandelier at the centre of the church vibrated with the chiming of the bell. It was too heavy to move about, but the chains that kept it in place right beneath the church's dome mimicked...
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    Uicheon Times | News from Tianlong and East

    Random Pelasgian diplomat to a colleague upon hearing the speech: "Since when is Tianlong considered the 'West'? Wouldn't it be the 'East' by definition?"
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    The Queen of Cities

    Valls, Ebria Nikoletta had lived in @Ebria for almost a year when that dreaded phone call had sounded. Until then, her father had been an afterthought, a distant memory: a vague, tall figure appearing at the threshold of her home, back she had been only slightly taller than the base of the...
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    Propontis News Agency | News from the Empire

    Ἔτος ϞΗʹ ·Ἀρ. Φύλλου 32.793 ·Ἰδρυταί: Κ. Καντακουζηνός, Δ. Ἀνδρέου | ΠΡΟΠΟΝΤΙΣ, ΠΕΜΠΤΗ 29 ΝΟΕΜΒΡΙΟΥ 2023 | www.proplog.tb ·Μετὰ προσφορῶν 12Ø Amid global uncertainty, investments in Himyar pick up Thursday, 30.11.2023 | Antonios Sgouros A worker at a newly built silk and fabric production...
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    Musikk-TV♪ • Europe's Premium Music Channel

    A night of oldies (some more than so others), courtesy of the Pelasgian public broadcaster, ART. "Pame san allote" (Let's go like in the old times) (1982) for those feeling nostalgic: "Ego tha s' agapo kai mi se noiazei" ("I'll love you and don't you worry") (1948) for a taste of a old-time...
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    July 2023 Map Thread — Magic Marlene

    Also, yes, I think you should take all the white pixels left empty by option 2, to avoid empty spaces in such a crucial area of the map.
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    July 2023 Map Thread — Magic Marlene

    I'd be pretty willing to modify my claim to something like this, as I always want to have more neighbours and I generally don't mind giving land to players to RP it. However, I would like the "European" side of the Straits under Pelasgian control to have a bit more depth (as in my...
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    Department of the Exterior [Pelasgia] | Λογοθέσιον τῶν Ἐξωτερικῶν [Βασιλεία Τιβυραίων]

    Α/Σ 2023-11-24/001 | Χαρακτηρισμός: Δημόσιον: □ │ Ἐμπιστευτικόν: □ │ Ἀπόρρητον: ■ To the attention of the Government of the State of Rio de Oro. Your Excellencies, As is well known, the Tiburan Empire supports the complete and immediate independence of all dependent territories from their...
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    The Queen of Cities

    Ixus, Propontis M.P. Making up most of X Urban Region of Propontis, on the city's far eastern border with the Theme of the Optimatoi, Ixus was a quiet, forested region, known for its villas and the wealth of its citizens. A model city by any measure, it boasted architectural marvels from each...
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    Set and Alter Your Aggro-Thread

    Neustria was aggro-off, but I see I left Pelasgia the opposite way, so just to be safe: Nation: Propontine Empire (Pelasgia) Status: Aggro-OFF Please keep all your mindless slaughter away from my delicate internal RP.
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    The Queen of Cities

    Nea Lykaonia, Propontis M.P. It was a rainy day in the Propontine Straits. The band of sea that separated the Haemus Peninsula from Himyar, was dark, almost black, quite unlike the pictures that tourists snapped from the bridge that connected Propontis and Scutari. Still, the ceaseless flow of...
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    Department of the Exterior [Pelasgia] | Λογοθέσιον τῶν Ἐξωτερικῶν [Βασιλεία Τιβυραίων]

    Α/Σ 2023-11-22/002 | Χαρακτηρισμός: Δημόσιον: ■ │ Ἐμπιστευτικόν: □ │ Ἀπόρρητον: □ Formal notice under the Wien Convention regarding the Regime of the Propontine Straits (1936) To whom it may concern, The Wien Convention regarding the Regime of the Propontine Straits, done in the City of...
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    Department of the Exterior [Pelasgia] | Λογοθέσιον τῶν Ἐξωτερικῶν [Βασιλεία Τιβυραίων]

    Α/Σ 2023-11-22/001 | Χαρακτηρισμός: Δημόσιον: ■ │ Ἐμπιστευτικόν: □ │ Ἀπόρρητον: □ Public Statement: In light of the failure to reach a diplomatic solution to the ongoing Frescanian Crisis between all parties involved, and of the unauthorised arrival of the @Angliarique fleet to the island...
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    News, Tids and Bits from Remuria

    Α/Σ 2023-11-03/001 | Χαρακτηρισμός: Δημόσιον: ■ │ Ἐμπιστευτικόν: ■ │ Ἀπόρρητον: □ Public Statement: The Tiburan Empire's continued use of its official name is not a signal of our designs upon any sovereign territory of any other nation. It is merely a natural result of our State's continuity...
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    Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå - World News Repository

    Ἀρχὴ Ραδιοτηλεοράσεως τῆς Τιβυρίας Tiburian Broadcasting Authority (ART) @art_EN NEWS LEVEL: RED (PROPONTIS) A last-minute peace conference hosted by the Imperial Secretary of the Exterior, Mr. Theophrastos Phokas, has collapsed following the withdrawal of the @Tianlong and @Angliarique...
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    The Propontis Summit (f.k.a. The Vascognie Summit)

    "It was worth a shot," Theophrastos Phokas said to one of his aides, shrugging. He then turned to the rest of the delegates. "Thank you for your attendance here, ladies and gentlemen. It is regretful that we were not able to come to a better solution, but it appears that the intransigence of the...
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    DagerroGram - the photographic social media platform

    O Propontios Logothetis Follow @Prop_Log_Eng The Imperial Gendarmerie celebrates its 200 years today, with a year-long exhibition at the Imperial Museum of History. Above, a 1917 postcard showing a general of the Imperial Gendarmerie inspecting the uniform of a gendarme standing guard outside...
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    The Twin Himyari Lions

    "I am glad to hear that, Your Excellency," answered Grand Secretary Nomikos. The acceptance of the proposed Union in principle meant that, at least on a symbolic level, he would be able to walk away from these talks with a victory and a concrete step toward Pan-Himyari solidarity, which would be...
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    The Propontis Summit (f.k.a. The Vascognie Summit)

    (OOC: I will be moving this summit to Propontis, under the auspices of Exterior Secretary Theophrastos Phokas, unless anyone objects. It's still a neutral city in a neutral country, so I think it should work.)