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Nov 18, 2018
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Wien's dancefloors on fire as tens of thousands flock to Eastern Lights to take part to International Ostwave Festival 2021.

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By Klara Feld

WIEN (Ostmark) -
The Great Fire of Wien, May 2021. This is how future generations of ostwave-enthusiasts will remember International Ostwave Festival 2021. As the one week long party reaches its conclusion, tonight at Eastern Lights Dance&Dinner Club, manager and owner Mark Adelberg, AKA Laserwehr, has released official datas from the club management. Over 47.000 visitors in a span of seven days have filled the dancefloors of Eastern Lights, 12 hours a day. Over thirty Ostwave artists performed such as Futurevolk, Hedwig Allinger, Disco Abteilung, Veronica Dunaidh and Helmine Duberstein. And, of course, the King of the Ostwave Sound: Laserwehr himself.

Dozens of songs, instumental tracks, about fourty disco balls and dozens of neons and lasers and a very cool fog machine have created the perfect Ostwave atmosphere in an event that "Not only represents a very important event for Ostwave and Electronic Dance Music in general" says Mark Adelberg "But also for Wien, and for Ostmark as a whole. Never, in my life, i have seen so many people looking for nothing but fun in a friendly environment like ours. This is Ostmark's rebirth. This is where we write a new page. Long live Ostwave, long live Ostmark!" he continued
"And who will save the world from war, and violence, and sorrow and sadness? Tell me, who? I'll tell you who: Ostwave will, with its magic, and its unique feeling of happiness and joy. Make Ostwave, not war!".