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Mr. Capitalism
Oct 30, 2006
Under the sea
These are the new rules in regards to roleplaying corporations and international business.


1. Each larger investment by a corporation needs a source of capital. This simply means that, if you for example buy a larger share of another company with yours, you need to previously have RPed something from which it gained the capital for this RP. This can be outstanding business performance in the previous quarter, the sale of own stocks, a government subsidy, firing twenty thousand workers, etc. No need for numbers, we don't need to actually calculate how much money these actions were worth. Simply make sure you find capital for your acquisitions, in general terms.

2. The state of the global economy is determined cooperatively by the community in the thread. Feel free to contribute!


A suggestion to those that do feel like more economic RP: start a new kind of thread in the BI forum. That is, not just storefront threads for your companies, but also actual RP threads in which Company X attempts to buy shares or assets or whatever from Company Y or Country A. These threads could take the form of, say, IC business transaction negotiations, regarding credit, share acquisition, asset buying, etc etc etc.

Mainly the idea would be, in the interest of simplicity, to keep everything in the field of international political economy (IPE), so to say. In regards to NSeurope RP this mainly means that the only companies RP'd are twofold: either those engaging in portfolio investment (money from X to Y, basically, without gaining managerial control), or foreign direct investment (multinationals buying up actual, physical assets abroad, like factories, gaining direct managerial control over them).

Based on success, failure and/or activity, as well as the excellent suggestion of an OOC thread on the status of the world economy that NCR proposed, that this would provide a welcome boost to economic RP without making it too complicated.

The only real con of this approach I see is that it leaves the domestic situation of a country slightly ignored. Mainly, RP of this nature would determine the most active and influential economies in the world, while leaving the status of individual economies more or less up to the discretion of individual players.
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