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Communist Government of Yazakhastan.

Mar 31, 2021
In a recent speech by Yosef Yikloriovich Menkov, it was declared that the emperor had forfeited his right to the throne and had handed it over to parliament. The speech was described by Conservative Lord James Helmsworth as being "a communist, pro-Russian, anti-Imperialist, load of bull(redacted)" He is now under trial by the court for defamation of a political party leader.

The general public has responded with general amusement by this sudden change of government, most believing that the Imperial Family will return. Some have responded with anger. One man who was cleaning the sidewalk in front of his now shuttered bakery said to us, "I remember the days of the revolution of 1998 , it was violent and chaos ruled the streets."

Indeed massive changes have already been wrought in the government, most of the political parties have been shoved out and banned from parliament, with most of the leaders being put in jail or awaiting trial. Mandatory lock-downs have been put in effect in numerous cities across Europe and the Border Of Molidve County and Ukraine has been closed.