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Empire Economy and Industry


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Jun 18, 2019
Middle of Nowhere USA
The Ministry of Industry and Development has compiled a brief list of some of the major entities in the Empire that can be reached by other governments or businesses.
Over time this list will potentially grow as more businesses are found to be dutifully fit for international business relations in the Empires interest.​

Defense Industry
51% Government​
-Empire Shipbuilding CorporationThe primary shipbuilding company for the Imperial Navy, coast guard, and private ships.
Builds vessels from capital to small coastal protection ships
60% Private​
-Ranenburg Research InstituteLargest missile and rocket technology research & manufacturer in the Empire
54% Government/Crown​
-Ilimsk Research and Production CorpLargest manufacturer of vehicles for government and military via its many subsidiaries.
Sole producer of tanks for the military, largest producer of heavy trucks and equipment in the empire
Financial services/Bank
-LianozovbankOwned by Lianozov, primary areas of business are corporate banking, retail banking, investment banking, and depository services
100% Government​
-Empire BankCentral Bank of the Tarusan Empire
100% Private​
-Bank of KremlyovLargest Bank in terms of assets and equity in the Empire
100% Government​
-Tarusan RailwaysResponsible for all railway construction, maintenance, and services in the country.
90% Private​
-TransaeroLargest airline in the Empire. Provides both domestic and international travel.
51% Government​
-LianozovMajority state-owned Natural Gas and liquid petroleum corporation.
Active in every area of the gas industry from exploration, production, refining, and distribution.
100% Private​
-Burov CapitalOne of the largest mining and manufacturing corporations in the Empire.
Iron ore, Steel, aluminum, and copper amongst others products
85% Private​
-TusalMining company that owns many mines specializing in gemstones and other precious metals throughout the Empire
51% private​
-TartecomLargest internet and cable provider in the country via its subsidiaries including several government TV channels.
Offering high quality services at an affordable rate to major cities.