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Oct 30, 2006
Rotterdam, Netherlands
On the Docket: Nuclear Proliferation - The Capitol Record

C.R. 125, a bill recently introduced by the Council Nuclear Defense Caucus has created much controversy within the Federation Council over the modernization of the nuclear forces of the Federation. The bill calls for a total of one trillion credits to be spent over the next thirty years in upgrades to the nuclear triad. Many in the council argue that modernization is unneeded while others argue that the cornerstone of the Federation's defenses is it's nuclear arsenal. The Federation's nuclear arsenal, while no secret to the rest of the world, is not spoken of much in the halls of government ever since the horrors of nuclear war were visited upon the cities of West March during their devastating civil war. While Marchers suffered through their post atomic horrors, the rest of the world railed against nuclear weapons, preached disarmament and the end of the nuclear era. While some countries talked about reducing their nuclear weapons, others followed through; however in the Federation stockpiles were quietly increased. The weapons bought then were of older designs from the 70's and 80's, still quite capable and deadly, but in the era of 21st century high technology, new is always better. The magnetic hard disks and floppy drives that hold the Federation's land based missile system together just isn't cutting it in the eyes of many government officials as well as military generals. The missiles themselves are also due for an upgrade, the Nuclear Defense Caucus wants hyper accurate missiles that fly faster and farther and new warheads to sit atop them.

At the heart of the upgrade plans is the LGM-151 Apollo, a MIRV (Multiple Independently targetable Re-entry Vehicle) capable intercontinental ballistic missile. The missile stands ready to be adopted, some say it may even be outdated as it was designed in the late 90's, despite that, it is the newest missile the Federation is capable of producing now without going through another lengthy design process. The problem is it hasn't been tested outside of computer simulations and for many council members to be on board a test is needed before money is approved for modernization. ICBM testing has been a taboo subject for previous administrations and a test of the new warhead that would sit atop Apollo's new bow is out of the question as nuclear testing has been banned by European Forum treaties governing nuclear weapons. So all that leaves is the missile and the re-entry vehicle and in the current climate brewing in the old world a missile test right now, in the opinion of some military analysts, is asking too much. President Langley thinks otherwise, military modernization was a top priority in his last campaign and whispers within the halls of government say a test from the testing silo's McKay Air Force Base to the test ranges in the atolls around Polytopika is being planned.
OOC: Ehm, small question:eh: Last time I checked, RPing nuclear weapons were prohibited on the forum. Now I suddenly see a post about nuclear weapons. Is this post an April Fool, or were the rules changed without me knowing it? :think:

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Feb 19, 2011
Federation Navy Deploys to Asakaze Sea Area - Minuteman Press

The Silk Sea Command has announced that elements of the Second Fleet based in Aja, Polytopika Federation Territory will be taking part in exercises with the Remion Navy based in Porto Tien. The battle group will consist of two amphibious assault ships, eight destroyers, two attack submarines and their various support vessels. The exercises were announced as part of an initiative to foster better relations with Remion, a country with strong democratic ideals surrounded by countries with less than stellar records in the democracy department.

"These exercises will allow us to train in simulated combat situations with a foreign force while also fostering military cooperation with a fellow democracy and colonial power. At the end of our time together the Federation and Remion navies will be better prepared for future battles and have an understanding of the battlespace at sea. The Federation hopes to plan further exercises with Remion and other friendly nations in the future." - Admiral Raymond Burke, Chief of Naval Operations

Colonial Marshal Suppresses Mass Street Fight - Polytopika Colonial News

Street gangs went to battle in the streets of Aja early Wednesday morning as people made their way to work. Deputies of the Colonial Marshal's Office in Aja were deployed to suppress the fight before further injury was done. No details have been released as to why the street gangs began attacking each other, but few have surmised it was over drug selling territory. Many street gangs make money peddling drugs of all types on the corners of Aja's lower class neighborhoods and slums. Armored deputies used fire-hoses, pepper spray and flash-bangs to disperse and subdue the street fighters. Over thirty street fighters were arrested, the Colonial Marshal's office has warrants for another forty two people who are suspected of having been involved in the fight.

Colonial Marshal Mark Taggart has announced a new crackdown on fighting, knife crime and drug pushing as the tourist season approaches in Polytopika. More deputies are expected to be on the streets patrolling and watching out for criminals as the territory prepares for a mass influx of vacationers from the Federation and other countries looking to enjoy the beaches and tropical environment of the islands.