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Industries of Pelasgia


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Sep 30, 2014
Athens, Greece
Investor's Brief by Country - Pelasgia
Pelasgia has a highly advanced industrialised economy with a wide variety of industries. Most of these industries are represented by the Pelasgian Association of Entrepeuners and Industrialists (PELSEV) and the Pelasgian Shipping Magnates' Association (SEP). Industries are generally divided into the following segments:
The Pelasgian economy is dominated by a series of large conglomerates that cut across industry lines and dominate various sectors of the economy; one cannot understand Pelasgian social, political or economic life without noting the existence of these conglomerates, commonly known as Company Systems - the most prominent ones are the : Pegasos Group (defence, aviation, automobile, steel, chemicals, electronics & electrics), Adamidis-Aetos Group (defence, aviation & aeronautics, locomotive, transport), Koressios Group (defence, automobile, mining & resources, construction), Metaxas Group (petroleum, aluminium, mining, electronics, media), Phrangos Group (petroleum, aluminium, mining, electronics), Koumantaros Group (automobile, patroleum, steel, electronics & electrics), and Kydoniotis Group (electronics, electrics, software, robotics, R&D). All of these groups are engaged in shipping and ship-building, given Pelasgia's status as a world leader in shipping, and they also have large banking and insurance entreprises by extent. Pelasgia exempts shipping from taxation and has legislation favouring the industry. Additionally, Pegasos and Koressios maintain private security forces, which are often used as security companies inside Pelasgia, and as PMCs and anti-piracy protection abroad or in international waters.

Pelasgia enjoys favourable investment laws and labour regulations, by developped nation standards, as well as a highly skilled workforce. Business interests are closely connected to the dominant Constitutional Democratic Party, whose centre-right policies are highly favourable towards business. Nevertheless, coordination with the local conglomerates or at least one of them is strongly advised before venturing into the Pelasgian market with a major foreign investment. Pelasgia is an export-oriented economy and is highly integrated with global markets; therefore business in Pelasgia is facilitated by the regulatory framework and by professionals that are accustomed to working with foreign partners.
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