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Industries of Prydain


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Feb 27, 2018
Sant Dewi
Financial Services OwnershipQuick Desperation
Commonwealth Credit Union45% (State) 50% (Saver) 5% (Private)TBA
Golden Choice Banking Group35% (State) 10% (Employee) 55% (Private)
Prydain Isles Building Society95% (Saver Owned) 5% (Private)

Entertainment & LeisureOwnershipQuick Desperation
United Cinemas International100% (Private)TBA
Big Picture House60% (Employee) 40% (Private)TBA
Golden Choice Events100% (Private)TBA
Beli Mawr Studios100% (State)TBA
Taffy Power100% (Private)TBA
King's Shillings Hotels 100% (Private)
Real Mead & Pubs 90% (Private) 10% (Employee)TBA

Food, Drink & Agriculture OwnershipQuick Desperation
Fresh Fields Co-operative85% (Farmer) 15% (State)Largest farmer co-op produces high quality beef & lamb alongside seasonal root vegetables
Real Mead Brewery80% (Employee) 20% (Private)Inventor of canned beer, originally owned by the monks of Buckfast monastery but demanded outweighed supplied so they licensed out the branding in 1930s to a Brewery in the same town.
Wal-Manx Farmers Partnership100% (Private)Part of the Wal-Manx Retail Group, produces the group's in-house brands.
Wal-Manx Fisheries Partnership100% (Private)Part of the Wal-Manx Retail Group, produces the group's in-house brands.
Drinks of Wonder100% (Private)Soft Drink companies, makes drinks outsourced to them by international companies.
Braces Bread100% (Private)Family owned bakery, oldest private owned company.

RetailOwnership Quick Desperation
Wal-Manx95% (Private) 5% (State)
FairPrice Co-Op100% (Employee)

Heavy Industry Ownership Quick Desperation
Williams & Morgan's Group40% (State) 40% (Employee) 20% (Private)TBA
AC Automotive80% (State) 20% (Private)TBA
Notable Co-operative Group100% (Employee)TBA

Transport & InfrastructureOwnership Quick Desperation
Commonwealth Transport Partnership90% (State) 10% (Private)TBA
Taffy Airways100% (Private)TBA
Pendragon Construction Group100% (State)TBA

Utilities & TelecommunicationOwnership Quick Desperation
Prydain Isles Energy Solutions80% (State) 20% (Private)
Commonwealth Broadband Corporation100% (State)

Gas & Logistics Ownership Quick Desperation
Belenus Natural Energy100% (State)
Global Logistics System100% (State)
Commonwealth Overseas Containers100% (State)
The Investment Council is run by the Commonwealth Treasury, the council owns shares in foreign & domestic based companies any surplus gained is either reinvested or lent to other government departments that need emergency funding.

Domestic owned shares:
Pendragon Construction Group (100%)
Commonwealth Broadband Corporation (100%)
Commonwealth Transport Partnership (90%)
Prydain Isles Energy Solutions (80%)
Commonwealth Credit Union (45%)
Gemini International (45%)
Prydain Power Corp (45%)
Golden Choice Banking Group (35%)
Fresh Fields Co-op (15%)
Beli Mawr Studios (100%)
Williams & Morgan's Group (40%)
AC Automotive (80%)
Wal-Manx (5)
Foreign owned shares:
GR Automotive Group (0.5%)
Rosso Scarlatto RSS (0.5%)
Rathenau Gruppe (0.5%)
Raimer (0.5)
Magarus (0.5%)
Kydoniotis Electronics S.A. (0.2%)
Pegasos Motors S.A (0.2%)
OOC @Holy Frankish Empire @Remion @Eiffelland hope you don't mind me owning tiny shares just want names to throw in just ping me if you want them removed.

The Council also mediates transfer of ownership or sales of shares to foreign entities.
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