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Offer to Buy: Wiener Börse


Elder Statesman
Jul 27, 2018
Berlin, Germany
FROM: Vrijpoort Securities Exchange Pty Ltd
TO: Board of the Wiener Börse (Wien Stock Exchange)

SUBJECT: Offer to purchase shares of the Wiener Börse

Esteemed board members,

It is with delight that I approach you with an exciting offer to purchase 57% of the shares of the Wiener Börse. Our research department has been closely watching the miraculous economic progress of Ostmark of late, especially the opening of the financial markets and the rush of initial public offerings of the many newly privatised Ostmarker companies.

The Vrijpoort Securities Exchange traces its heritage back to the mid-17th century when its predecessor became the first stock exchange. The first stock certificate ever issued is even on display at the Vrijpoort Museum of Financial and Trade History - definitely worth a visit! Over the centuries as Vrijpoort has grown, so has the VSE. We are the world's largest securities exchange by volume of shares traded and boast thousands of listed companies, both Vrijpoorter and foreign. We are proud of our role in the city-state's development.

Our offer to purchase 57% of the Wiener Börse means our company's expertise could be extended to the trading floors of Wien. The benefit of using our proprietary data systems and by bringing in our experts to train your staff will surely bring in knowledge and insight that will attract more Wiener companies to list on the Wiener Börse.

Our offer is in cash and could be executed immediately.

Should your board have any questions, we are gladly at your service. These are exciting times for Ostmark and we want to help make trading securities in Ostmark part of this great human success story!

We wish you every good fortune,
The Board, Vrijpoort Securities Exchange

-sealed & stamped-

Vrijpoort Securities Exchange Pty Ltd
Corporate Secretary
De Waterkant 7
4000 Vrijpoort

Principality of Vrijpoort



Elder Statesman
Nov 18, 2018
FROM: Wiener Börse GmbH
FWD: Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie
TO: Vrijpoort Securities Exchange Pty Ltd

SUBJECT: RE: Offer to purchase shares of the Wiener Börse

Esteemed members of the board of Vrijpoort Securities Exchange Pty Ltd,

Following your offer to purchase 57% of the shares of Wiener Börse, our experts carried out specific studies and research on the history and performance of the Vrijpoort Security Exchanges. The results of our studies have confirmed the astonishing performance and the value of the experience of such an old and historical financial institution.

Upon consulting the Ministry of Economy and Energy for feedback and further inquiries, as required by the laws of the Republic of Ostmark pertaining to the purchase of national economic assets by foreign institutions, the Board of Directors Wiener Börse GmbH has unanimously approved, and therefor accepted, the offer of Vrijpoort Securities Exchange Pty Ltd following a positive response from Ostmark's ministerial authorities.

Confident in a proficuous future, in the interest of the economic development of the Republic of Ostmark and the Principality of Vrijpoort and a renewed cooperation between our nations, we redirect further talks to the competent office and authority to discuss further details

Meanwhile, this office sends its best regards.


Wiener Börse GmbH
Republikplatz 3, Wien
Republik Ostmark