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Overview: collaborative newsthreads


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Oct 30, 2006
I thought I'd provide a comprehensive list of collaborative newsthreads, meaning those threads that aren't for one specific nation but for everyone to post a specific kind of newspiece in. This will help keep more specialized newsthreads relevant, instead of getting buried and forgotten. If the rest of you deem this list as useful as me, I'd suggest maybe putting a sticky on this thread (and unstickying the threads currently on top of the list)


European Press Association

Stories of national and international political relevance. The writing in these threads aims to be concise and written without bias. If there's been a very recent post by another player in your thread of choice, consider using the other one.

PAHINA - Pan-Himyari News Agency
Relevant newsstories aimed to be written from a neutral perspective. Focused on events in Himyar.

AP BusinessWire

Focused on news about the economy.

Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå - World News Repository

Pigeonwire Telegraph Exchange

Newsthreads for breaking news. Extremely short snippets communicating only the bare minimum of information on an unfolding newsstory.

The Good Word

International magazine for and by the Tiburan Catholic Church.

The Tomato

IC satire only.

Le Temps

Posts in Le Temps should have a central coverpicture and a newsstory focused on providing background information instead of just conveying events.

L'Ami du people

Publishes letters sent to it from across the globe. Basically a 1920s twitter.
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