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Oct 31, 2006
Major Serbovian companies

Mass media

NRK Group - A subsidiary of Andelic Investments owned by the politically influential Andelic family, the NRK Group is Serbovia's largest private media conglomerate. It operates multiple national TV and radio channels and has subsidiaries that are active in online media and book publishing.
Kurir Media Group - Kurir Media Group is NRK's chief rival in Serbovian mass media. While the group originated as a conglomerate of various former state newspapers that were privatized during the 1990s, it has since expanded into television, radio and online services as well.
K2 Incorporated - Founded by Serbovian social media pioneer Milan Durovic in 2011, K2 Incorporated owns a widespread portfolio of Serbovian social media services and other online platforms. It has since branched beyond mass media into online hosting, cloud services and various technological ventures.

Telecommunications and computing

Jelic Technologies - Serbovia's largest provider of telecommunications infrastructure and software. Also major supplier of communications and control equipment and electronics for the Serbovian Armed Forces.

Cell phone and internet operators:
Natel - Partly owned by Andelic Investments.
Eliza Telecom
Genije eServices

Finance and insurance
Distribank Group
UOB United Insurance and Banking
- Majority owned by Krasic Mercantile.

Urosevac Group

Natural resources

Public utilities

SerbAtom - Commercial nuclear energy. Jointly owned by the Federal government and private investors.

Drazevo Metal Works - Motor vehicles, industrial equipment and heavy machinery.
Drazevo Shipbuilding Industries - Shipbuilding and maritime equipment
Pobeda - Motor vehicles
FAM - Motor vehicles
Federal Aerospace Corporation - aircraft, helicopters and assorted aviation equipment. State-owned.
Kisobran Corporation - Pharmaceuticals

Logistics and transportation
SerbAir - State-owned airline.
Krasic Shipping - Passenger and cargo shipping. Majority owned by Krasic Mercantile.
Trgoflot - Cargo shipping, handling and logistics
NZG - Railways. Jointly owned by the Federal government and partnered regional private-public railway operators.
SPS Services - Former Federal Post, now jointly owned by the Federal government and private logistical operators. Postal and logistics services.

NMZ - Retail services, cooperatively owned.
CityShop Group - Retail services. Owned by Plavsic Incorporated.
Sigurcor - Manned security, cash handling services, support services to law enforcement, alarm systems and security consulting. Also PMC services through subsidiaries. A subsidiary of Krasic Mercantile.

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