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Spring of 2023 RP Recap: Una primavera caliente después de un invierno congelado


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Jul 17, 2010
Spring of 2023
A hot spring after a frozen winter

Main Events:
  • Tarusan Dynastic Struggle: Konstantin, youngest son of late Tarusan Tsar and brother to the current one, married to the Csengian Queen, declares himself a pretendent to the Tarusan throne, starting a war between Kispest and Kremlyov. Already, Tarusan vassal states such as Csengia and Pojazerna have turned towards Konstantin, who managed to win the Gothic Sea fleet of Tarusa too.
  • Polar Divorce: Starting the autumn, and continuing in the winter and spring, the Post Delegationist polities of the Scanlaw have divided, then came together in a process of border redrawing which has made the Gothic Sea an unstable area and opened the way for potential conflict in Scania and Gallo-Germania. Jysken-Ostveg goes independent (and nobody cares, akin to Slovenia from Yugoslavia), Gutarike is desperate because it lacks the oil Jysken took and its manufacturing sector needs the industrial production chain of the rest of Scanlaw and the Anti-State (don't forget PDists used to(unsure if nowadays too) be united in a common anti-statist market), while the Germanic parts of the Scanlaw have come together and formed the Hanseatic Republics, to which Metsamaa adhered too. The Holy Frankish Empire, supporting the Hansa and Jysken and Tarusa supporting Gutarike has created a rift within the Gothic Sea Pact.
  • Gothic Sea Pact de jure vs de facto: With the Polar Divorce, the Holy Frankish Empire began to not only support an oposite camp from Tarusa, but also to slowly drift away, with many Franks condemning the authoritarian and brutal politcies of the Tarusan Tsar. This rift, together with the Scanian collapse makes the GSP exist more de jure than de fact. It is still not something CETO, the rivals of the GSP have managed to use, as they didn't manage to to win the Franks over, considering they condemned them for their takeover of the french-speaking areas of Bourdignie (Patois Republic).
  • Gothic Sea Piracy: Gutarike's response to the economic collapse of the Scanlaw has been a return to piracy on the gothic sea, in a bid to blackmail nations into paying protection money, so as to gain foreign reserves and thus finance their imports and the redevelopment of their economy. The lack of a response from the EF, which has been discredited by the collapse of Pannonia, has seen limited response against the piracy, with the exception of Radilo threatening to send a carrier group which has been based in North Istavania, a failed Frankish fiasco and Ebria sending two frigates to escort its convoys. Most of the piracy was limited to bumping incidents.
  • Meridian Union: At the behest of Ebria, the nations of Radilo, Rheinbund and Remuria have joined into a common market, to ensure the resilience in face of instability. Ebria has guaranteed the security of member states, should they be victims of an attack that they didn't provoke, even if Radilo and Rheinbund are CETO members too.
  • Occidentan Coups: The biggest events in the western hemisphere was the string of coups in Corrientes and Gran Occidentia. The Military first took over in Corrientes, but were quickly disloged from power after a general uprising and a visit of El Presidente, which has cemented the failure of the coup. A few days later, the military in Gran Occidentia repeated the same event, but the generalised lack of faith and apathy of the Occidentian people to their interim 'democratic' government has led to the coup being received either with applauds or being ignored.
Major Threads to follow (links included):
  • News threads (I won't add national news threads, only the international ones):
    • the notTwitter, for private takes, edgy memes (sadly not so many) and very short communiques;
    • : For short news from all over the world;
    • AP Threads for neutral, objective news ( , , and );
  • Character RP threads:
    • Character RP showing the political life in Europe's nations:
      • Nieveland;
      • Radilo.
      • Tianlong;
      • : Pelasgia (thread shows lowly characters too, so it's more mixed);
      • Tarusa and Csengial;
    • Tarusan Dynastic Struggle:
      • Thread showing the civil war in Tarusa and the conflict within the ruling dynasty;
    • Gothic Sea Piracy:
      • Tells the struggle in the aftermath of the Polar Divorce;
    • Character RP showing the civilian life and average people in Europe's nations:
      • 2nd part of , telling the story of the characters in the aftermath of the failed coup in Corrientes;
      • Day to day life in Radilo from the point of view of Zaran refugees, between others;
      • A Rheinbunder story within a story, mixing the points of view from modern day people to Rheinbund's 70s, in the midst of the sexual revolution.
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