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The Proposal for a International Liberation Legion.

May 9, 2019
Esteemed Comrades

I come to you today with a radical new proposal for the future of the Rurikgrad Pact. The creation of a multinational volunteer force not under the command of any one nation or party but the Rurikgrad Pact as a whole, for the purpose of defending the revolution and if need be exporting it across the world. I see the existence of Pact forces in Bourgogne and the International Brigades in Pelagsia as proof of this concept, class solidarity transcending the borders of nation states, workers across the world united in defense of freedom. To this end I propose the creation of a Inter-Pact taskforce made up of units from member states and international volunteers that would be deployed in defense of any of the member states or indeed perhaps further afield should the need arise as peacekeepers or indeed combat troops.

Now I would also like to propose in addition to a Inter-Pact military taskforce that a multinational security service be created to better safeguard our member nations from internal and external threats then any single state could . It is my belief that only by acting together in international solidarity can real progress be made in the liberation of oppressed peoples across the world.

Bertrand Murat
Chairman of the All Burgundian National Congress.