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The Twin Lion Cubs [ATTN: Natal]


Elder Statesman
Sep 30, 2014
Athens, Greece
The Presidential Palace of Pelasgia was unique, if nothing else. In a country lined with palaces, medieval, ancient, and neoclassical, the Presidential Palace was remarkable in that it was decidedly modern. Originally constructed to house the regional government of Nymphaion, the complex had been converted during the tenure of President Vatatzidis, once plans to transfer the Pelasgian capital crystalized among the Pelasgian bureaucracy. Still, the glass and steel edifice, with its large marble surfaces and modern, rectangular pillars, was undergoing expansions and renovations to be able to house all the functions needed for the head of state of the United Pelasgian Republics.
Nevertheless, the main core of the building was complete. It was there that President Akolouthos, the newly elected head of state of the new Pelasgian regime, found himself waiting, his eyes staring out at the small private road that separated the Palace building from its internal gardens--there, the limousines of visiting dignitaries passed, getting a full view of the elegant gardens before meeting the Palace's occupant. Ahead of President Akolouthos, two columns of soldiers extended all the way to the entrance, holding the banners of Pelasgia and @Natal , as well as ceremonial rifles with bayonets. Behind these lines of green, white, and blue uniforms, behind these rows of peaked caps and sailors' hats, a band stood ready to play the two countries' anthems.
As the Natalian motorcade turned into the entrance and stopped before the palace, Akolouthos, flanked by his advisors, headed for the entrance. "Mr. President," he said, holding out his hand, "it is an honour to receive you here, in the new home of Pelasgian democracy."