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UNOFFICIAL Guidelines for Creating a Good Arms Storefront


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Oct 31, 2006
My own meditations on how to create and run a storefront that is worth browsing without being wanky. These are not official or enforceable.

1. Avoid the wikipedia list. Don't just CP links to real weapons name and all. At the very least think up your own name for things.
2. Avoid the greatest hits. If your storefront sells nothing but the very best equipment produced in NATO you have a problem.
3. Avoid one thousand senseless repetitions. If you have a fighter, you probably don't need another fighter. If you have a medium tank, likewise. You aren't the USA or the USSR. One system per role is enough.
4. Avoid the race to the top. If a few nations produce carriers that is cool. If EVERYONE produces carriers it's gonna get dumb.
5. Consider what others are selling. If others are already selling a Patton tank for example seriously consider BUYING it, not everyone needs a massive domestic industry. Sellers don't be stingy for stupid OOC reasons or impose crazy conditions either, only refuse a sale if there is a solid IC reasons to do so. This includes licensing production, assuming the order is big enough. Creative IC arrangements like joint projects or cloning are just as good.
6. Dare to be different. Not only were there a lot of different weapons in the 1950's, there were even more unbuilt projects. Don't be afraid to do a little research (cough wikipedia cough) and find something unique. It will help you standout from the crowd. If you are really stumped PM me... I might even respond!
7. Strive for consistency. If you are thinking of selling something, the first question you should ask is "is it logical, ICly, for me to be producing and selling Z alongside X and Y which I already sell?"

I repeat this is not a ruling or an official proclamation.
Jan 10, 2014
Caldas das Taipas, Braga, Portugal
Trust me, Kyiv is completly right in this point. It was the best "military meditation" about army building I ever saw on RP. Simple and cold!

I commited all errors that Kyiv said there, believe me many did so, the RP was wierd...

I put just a small point on your view:

When you have weapons production, more concret vehicles, try to make series. For example, making a Sherman for medium tank and having a Elephant tank hunter has a kind of motorised cannon, isn't pragmatic. War situation, a Elephant broke down, it goes to the mechanic workshop for repairs. They only have sherman parts... Goodbey Elephant! ;)

But if you have a Sherman as the tank, and a M1 Priest has the motorised cannon is different! Since the Priest is a modified version of the Sherman, because it uses the same chassis and parts ;)

That was one of the secrets for mass production of the americans during ww2. Their tanks could be a crap, but when a sherman blow 5 more appear And there was always parts to use in repair!

Same for weapons, for example, we can't use them for now since we are on 1954, but the H and K G series! The trigger lock of a G3 works on a Mp5 ;)

The Ak series of the Soviet union! Parts of the AK 47... Can be used on the PKM... RPD... Think pratical, its cheaper and in wartimes it is harder to have shortages ;)

In the corrent game my country is example to no one, since the army almost lives in WW1 Era, the country has a vast colonial empire to defend xP
Basically I make an option, an army like the Chinese Army of Mao, lots and lots of armed guys. My weapons industry is very focus on small arms
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