A Home for the Dethroned [ATTN: Neustria]

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    Overzeese Relaties en Coöperatie Nedernesië | Overseas Relations and Cooperation Nedernesia

    - classificatie A1A: streng geheim - classification A1a: strictly secret -

    TO: HRH Grand Duke Charles of Ouistreham

    Concurrent with our ideological policy of pragmatic neutrality and our country's proud history of providing refuge and asylum for all those in need, we wish to first convey our sympathies to His Royal Highness for the loss of his country and the sorry state of his subjects. Should HRH and his family wish to find solace and a firm footing in a land farther away from the mayhem, we offer Nedernesia as a new home where HRH and his loved ones will be granted immediate permanent residency and special exiled diplomatic status.

    The metropolis of Vrijpoort is an ideal place to escape the blaze of the conflict back home, whilst still providing excellent infrastructure for both digital communication and physical transport with Gallo-Germania, should he seek to maintain contact with elements there. A special division of our government that specialises in these VIP migrations would be happy to arrange for all travel needs of the royal family as well as find the perfect accommodation in our city, ranging from penthouses atop skyscrapers to landed estates in the hills and suburbs overlooking the city.

    This move can be undertaken either in a strictly confidential manner or be made public, as per the Grand Duke's wishes.

    With sincere salutations,
    Robert S. Riverdale, Minister of Overseas Relations and Cooperation Nedernesia
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    Monsieur Riverdale,

    I have been instructed to inform you that His Royal Highness and the Grand Ducal Family would be most pleased to be hosted in your country. These are troubling times that have left their mark on the Grand Ducal Family. Prince Romain, having been kidnapped, assaulted, and mutilated by bandits, is especially traumatized and requires distance and time to heal.

    Because of these requirements, HRH would prefer a secluded refuge in the countryside. Please make arrangements to retrieve HRH and the Grand Ducal Family from Chagny where they are keeping a low profile to avoid detection.


    Mme Laure Béatrice Dumont
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