A Shot at Peace :: Burgundian Combatants

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    As usual the Engellachians had quite rudely imposed on Azraq. The West Engells had a terrible reputation in Jughol as poor tippers and aggressive alcoholic tourists, though these country bumpkins kept a loyal patronage to very specific resorts and tourism circuits that made them impossible to truly ever turn away. With another horrid winter about to cover the West Engell Republic Azraq would soon be invaded with wave after wave of middle class Engellachian families and singles.

    Closer to the crust of Azraq an Engellachian apparatchik intruded yet further, beginning her bloviation towards peace for Burgundy: "Far from her heart, let this be the beginning of the end for the Burgundian Nation's most bloody and regrettable armed conflict . . " Engellachian ambassador Aisling Derring offered those combatant nation emissaries from CONPROFOR and the Thaumantic Domain who were present. "can we not combine our good will for Burgundians to carry a peaceful balm back to her heart?".

    Derring and the Engellachians were imposing again, overstepping from their lesser status in anything worldwide, but she pressed on earnestly and honestly. She wore a dark blue suit jacket cut in the feminine style, a red skirt, and a white blouse - making it gold would have been a touch too traitorous for the occasion. She, after all her interaction with Cussian spooks, was not traitorous anymore.

    "I am going to be quiet and allow you to speak your peace, air your grievances one and all, and after this we will recess to prepare propositions." Aisling suggested, not having the power as the Engellachian delegate to inform any rule or order quite yet.

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