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    Jul 2, 2019
    Please find the October 2019 Emissary Update from 10000 Islands. Specific thanks to Europe and Imperium Anglorum for the meticulous, ongoing maintenance of WA records, contributing to the new WA section of this, and future reports.
    Kind Regards,
    XKI Emissary to Europe

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    10000 Islands Emissary Update

    Date: October 2019
    Population: 1177
    Delegate Endorsements: 298
    Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/
    Discord: https://discord.gg/mw27pug
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/the10000islands

    TITO Command​

    Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:
    ~Commander-in-Chief: Markanite.
    ~Field Commander: Kanta Hame.
    ~Tactical Officers: Shy Guyia, Smugglers and Mercs (EF), Twobagger, Mingulay Isle.
    ~Executive Officers: Aschente, Hakketomat.


    As of this report’s publication, the Government of 10000 Islands consists of:
    ~Chief Executive: Markanite
    ~WA Delegate: Kuriko
    ~Senior Senator for Blue Canaria North (Emissary Report): HumanSanity
    ~Senator for Himes West (RP): Flemingisa
    ~Senator for Lyonnesse East (Houses): United Royal Islands
    ~Senator for New Republica South (Debates and Discussions): Aschente
    ~Minister of Immigration: Sargon Reman
    ~Minister of Education: The Tasmanian Islands
    ~Minister of Labor: Paffnia

    -Following the coup of The East Pacific by Fedele/Scardino, Delegate Kuriko issued the following statement: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1270303
    -Some of you are getting this update for the first time! We are excited to announce new embassies with Lazarus, Hartfelden, and a re-opened embassy with The East Pacific! HumanSanity has been dispatched as Emissary to Lazarus, Aschente to Hartfelden, and Hakketomat to The East Pacific. Our new emissaries look forward to meeting you all!

    WA Affairs

    The Council of Nine has recently opened the position of World Assembly Secretary to be tasked with recruiting and assisting aspiring WA authors, providing information to Islanders about WA proposals, and conducting international outreach for WA proposals. Markanite has named Sargon Reman our inaugural WA Secretary and he has named Mingulay Isle as the inaugural Deputy WA Secretary. Congratulations to them both! We're excited to see what this new office will do.
    Hiring here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37938/new-wa-secretary-announced and here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37956/deputy-wa-secretary-appointment

    Additionally, thanks to my new Deputy Senator, THX1138, we have a new section covering WA votes in 10000 Islands! It will briefly cover WA resolutions and 10000 Islands' regional vote on each.

    Oct 18, 2019 GA Ban on Sterilisation of Minors etc: A brief resolution to prevent, in all member nations, the sterilization of minors or incompetent persons without the approval of an independent Institutional Review Board, that deems it necessary for the health of the individual.
    Author: [nation]Imperium Anglorum[/nation]
    10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37889/resolution-ban-sterilisation-minors-etc
    Regional vote: For 0 | Against 8
    Delegate vote: Against (weight 293)
    Final WA vote: For 10295 (77%) | Against 3128 (23%)
    Result: Passed Oct 21, becoming GAR#472

    Oct 22, 2019 GA Responsible Land Management: A comprehensive replacement for the recently repealed GA #432 'Preventing Desertification', suggesting measures for nations to take to reduce the effects of sapient impact on the environment, and specifically on the overuse and wear and tear on soils.
    Author: [nation]Refuge Isle[/nation]
    10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37910/ga-resolution-responsible-land-management
    Regional vote: For 9 | Against 3
    Delegate vote: For (weight 296)
    Final WA vote: For 11330 (77%) | Against 3404 (23%)
    Result: Passed Oct 25, becoming GAR#473

    Oct 26, 2019 GA Financial and Economic Education: A safeguarding resolution outlining the specific forms of education a nation must provide to better inform inhabitants about the economic workings of their nation, and their responsibilities within it.
    Author: [nation]Imperium Anglorum[/nation]
    10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37913/ga-resolution-financial-economic-education
    Regional vote: For 3 | Against 9
    Delegate vote: Against (weight 297)
    Final WA vote: For 11415 (84%) | Against 2183 (16%) Result: Passed Oct 29, becoming GAR#474

    Oct 27, 2019 SC Repeal: Condemn The Black Hawks: An effort to repeal SC#52, citing its inferiority to a second, standing condemnation against the same region, and bringing into question some of the assertions made in the target.
    Author: [nation]Tinhampton[/nation]
    10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37943/resolution-repeal-condemn-black-hawks
    Regional vote: For 10 | Against 9 | Delegate's Prerogative 3
    Delegate vote: For (weight 297)
    Final WA vote: For 2202 (18%) | Against 10258 (82%)
    Result: Failed to pass

    Oct 30, 2019 GA Promoting Natural Sciences in Schools: A resolution to mandate, and in some cases subsidize, the education of sciences throughout the WA, in an effort to generate a fact-based understanding of the natural world.
    Author: [nation]Kenmoria[/nation]
    10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37961/resolution-promoting-natural-sciences-schools
    Regional vote: For 6 | Against 2
    Delegate vote: For (weight 301)
    Final WA vote: For 13290 (91%) | Against 1244 (9%)
    Result: Passed Nov 3, becoming GAR#475

    Around the Islands

    -Minister of Labor Paffnia has hosted the regional Poet Laureate contest this October - the theme was fright! Congratulations to poetry extraordinare Aersoldorf on his victory! See here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37856/poet-laureate-contest-10-19 and here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37884/voting-poet-laureate-contest-10
    -Taco Island Charities has opened up a time capsule. In one year it will be opened, and if enough nations survive then a million tacos will be split between everyone who put an item in! See here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37781/second-louisistan-time-capsule
    -XKI keeps NationStates relative time, and this October we entered NS Year 300! Welcome to the fourth century! See here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37909/happy-nationstates-year-300
    -This month, Lyonnesse East Senator United Royal Islands is hosting the House Cup and Shield contest - a periodic recruiting event between XKI's Great Houses. See here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37712/house-cup-shield-fall-2019
    -URI also hosted a prolific posting competition won by Houses Louisistan and Echolilia, with individual awards going to HumanSanity and URI. See contest here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37713/october-2019-prolific-posting-contest and results here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/post/1706988/thread
    -With new technological breakthroughs on thermionic desalination technology, Mortimer Report payouts based on the regional shop are higher this month for some items. See here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37906/thermionic-desalination-breakthrough-oct-2019
    -Chief Executive Markanite posted a message to commemorate Empire of Power Annexation Day here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37903/empire-power-annexation-day
    -Recruiting was at a steady hum in 10000 Islands in October. Escanaba was top recruiter once again, but this time Minister of Immigration Sargon Reman gave him a run for his money. Thanks to Naba, Sargon, and everyone else who pitched in!
    -In celebration of the spooky Halloween holiday, Chief Executive Markanite has started a scavenger hunt! See here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37933/10000-islands-spooktacular
    -BUT don't get too comfortable, little bitty ghosts are coming to attack and steal our candy! They've already popped up in our main discussion board and at a political rally! See here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37949/spooktacular-attack?page=1
    -Haivon has been named Featured Nation by the Ministry of Education. Congratulations! http://10000islands.proboards.com/t...eatured-nation-haivon?page=1&scrollTo=1711532
    -The 110th TITO Knight, Sargon Reman, has a new statue that has been added to the Hall of Heroes courtesy of Marxist Germany. See here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/5776/10000-islands-hall-heroes?page=6&scrollTo=1710483
    -For a more... surf's up take on regional events, feel free to check out Jabberwocky's The Mad Surfer. See here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37848/mad-surfer-october-2019

    The region has benefited from a significant number of new arrivals, and this has increased RMB activity exponentially over the last months. October saw open discussion on a variety of topics, from the true nature of Fascism to the merits of abortion. In this section, a curated collection of some of the best posts of the last month:

    - First up, this excellent post by Finalanswer Archive in the context of a larger discussion around capitalism versus socialism, and wage equality: https://www.nationstates.net/page=rmb/postid=36612720
    - A cheeky and humourous post from the NS mods, who made quick work of removing an unwanted and offensive guest: https://www.nationstates.net/page=rmb/postid=36668824
    - A dark secret revealed by nation 1984 Commune: https://www.nationstates.net/page=rmb/postid=36680269
    - An even darker secret revealed by Evil Dictators Happyland: https://www.nationstates.net/page=rmb/postid=36691807
    - Jabberwocky, always with the existential questions: https://www.nationstates.net/page=rmb/postid=36791063

    Regional Poll of the month asked who played the best Catwoman: https://www.nationstates.net/page=poll/p=148619

    Meet a Nation

    We're adding another new feature! Each month, I'll sit down with one of our regional members so that everyone can get to know them a little bit better. This month I sat down with Republic of Tikistan, the 98th Knight of TITO!

    HS: How did you originally hear about NationStates?
    Tiki: I saw it in a message board of general stuffs
    HS: When you signed up what were you expecting?
    Tiki: I thought its gonna be about making my nation and laws and government and such
    HS: How has that differed from why you've stayed around?
    Tiki: I didn't know there will be a lot about acting with other nations and also I didn't know there is gonna be regions
    HS: What specifically about "regions" and XKI specifically attracted you initially?
    Tiki: I like to react with other ppl and also I like to be a defender. TKI is specially active.
    HS: And what keeps you coming back day-in and day-out to play?
    Tiki: Counting threads are fun also I like Tito Knights missions but I am using a app now and missions are hard to do. Probably I'm gonna not use the app soon.
    HS: What would you say is your proudest accomplishment in NS?
    Tiki: Being a TITO knight
    HS: What is the time you've laughed the hardest playing this game? The time this game has upset you the most?
    Tiki: Woonsocket made me laugh a lot but I can not remember 1 time only. I got little bit upset when people accused that I am a invader.
    HS: Do you have anyone that you'd consider like a mentor to you in NS? Why and what did they do for you?
    Tiki: Yes Woonsocket When I got a question always I tell him also he told me how I better do TITO missions and such.
    HS: Do you have any goals in NS that you're working towards that you haven't accomplished yet?
    Tiki: I wish I will get 100 battle stars but it is little bit slow now because I am using my phone for posting and it is harder to do missions on my phone.

    Thanks all for reading! Until next month!

    -HumanSanity and THX1138, Senator and Deputy Senator for Blue Canaria North, your 10KI Update staff​
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    Jul 2, 2019

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    10000 Islands Emissary Update

    Date: November 2019
    Population: 1143
    Delegate Endorsements: 303
    Forum: http://10000islands.proboards.com/
    Discord: https://discord.gg/mw27pug
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/the10000islands

    TITO Command
    Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:
    ~Chief Executive: Markanite.
    ~Field Commander: Kanta Hame.
    ~Tactical Officers: Shy Guyia, Smugglers and Mercs (EF), Mingulay Isle, THX1138.
    ~Executive Officers: Aschente, Hakketomat.

    -Twobagger has stepped down as Tactical Officer. TITO thanks him for his service! THX1138 has stepped up as our new TO.


    As of this report’s publication, the Government of 10000 Islands consists of:
    ~Chief Executive: Markanite
    ~WA Delegate: Kuriko
    ~Senior Senator for Blue Canaria North (Emissary Report): HumanSanity
    ~Senator for Lyonnesse East (Houses): United Royal Islands
    ~Senator for New Republica South (Debates and Discussions): Aschente
    ~Senator for Himes West (RP): Marxist Germany
    ~Minister of Labor: Paffnia
    ~Minister of Immigration: Sargon Reman
    ~Minister of Education: The Tasmanian Islands

    In November, 10000 Islands held elections for its Himes West and Lyonnesse East Senate seats. United Royal Islands of The Circle Party was unopposed and secured re-election as Lyonnesse East Senator. Marxist Germany running as an Independent defeated Haivon of the Mayor Shelter Political Party to be elected Himes West Senator.

    This election season saw the piloting of the new duties for the New Republica South Senator as Aschente hosted a formal debate for the Himes West candidates. You can see the debate here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/38015/himes-west-election-debate

    Information about other government officials of 10000 Islands can be found here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/post/1716383/thread

    Additionally, 10000 Islands is proud to announce the signing of the Southern Islander Accords with our allies in The South Pacific. More information can be found here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/38064/southern-islander-accords

    WA Affairs
    This is the first full month since the creation of the World Assembly Secretary position here in 10000 Islands. In celebration, I wanted to give a few special shout outs to 10000 Islanders who authored resolutions passed in the last month.

    Congratulations to 10000 Islands Minister of Immigration Sargon Reman on the passage of his resolution SC#288 Commend Grays Harbor: https://www.nationstates.net/page=WA_past_resolution/id=288/council=2

    Congratulations to 10000 Islands Himes West Senator Marxist Germany on the passage of his resolution GA#477 Convention on Animal Testing: https://www.nationstates.net/page=WA_past_resolution/id=477/council=1

    Congratulations to 10000 Islands WA Delegate Kuriko on the passage of her resolution SC#290 Liberate "Aurelia": https://www.nationstates.net/page=WA_past_resolutions/council=2?start=289

    Now, the full report:
    Nov 3, 2019 GA Protecting Borrower Rights: A comprehensive resolution outlining mandatory protections to the indebted, and preventing nations from criminalizing debt or incarcerating debtors.
    Author: Imperium Anglorum
    10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37973/ga-resolution-protecting-borrower-rights
    Regional vote: For 5 | Against 2 | Delegate’s Prerogative 1 | Abstain 1
    Delegate vote: For (weight 298)
    Final WA vote: For 11637 (79%) | Against 3020 (21%)
    Result: Passed Nov 7, becoming GAR#476

    Nov 4, 2019 SC Commend Grays Harbor: Seeking to commend the target nation for outstanding work in the areas of diplomacy, security, authorship, and artistry.
    Author: Sargon Reman (10000 Islands)
    10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37975/sc-resolution-commend-grays-harbor
    Regional vote: For 12 | Against 0
    Delegate vote: For (weight 294)
    Final WA vote: For 11013 (82%) | Against 2464 (18%)
    Result: Passed Nov 8, becoming SC#288

    Nov 7, 2019 GA Repeal: "Ban on Sterilisation of Minors etc": Claiming, of the recently passed target resolution, a misleading title, a lack of clarity around the composition of the medical review board, and potential delays in emergency medical procedures.
    Author: Arkhamanishka
    Note: A Legality Challenge was issued against this repeal, citing a rule violation. The GA Secretariat voted to support that challenge, deeming the resolution illegal.
    Result: Resolution withdrawn

    Nov 11, 2019 GA The Amelioration of Maritime Conditions: A brief and imprecise attempt to regulate water pollution in nations, with mandates to track pollution levels, and reduce pollutants if above an international average.
    Author: Radical Republic
    10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/38007/ga-resolution-amelioration-maritime-conditions
    Regional vote: For 1| Against 10
    Delegate vote: Against (weight 300)
    Final WA vote: For 3187 (21%) | Against 11757 (79%)
    Result: Failed to pass.

    Nov 15, 2019 SC Condemn Atlantic: A mainly retroactive condemnation of a once peaceable region that embarked on a ruthless, expansionist campaign, raiding numerous regions, and mistreating or ejecting native populations.
    Author: Bormiar
    10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/38021/sc-resolution-condemn-atlantic
    Regional vote: For 2 | Against 4 | Delegate’s Prerogative 3
    Delegate vote: Against (weight 305)
    Final WA vote: For 10050 (76%) | Against 3223 (24%)
    Result:. Passed Nov 18, becoming SC#289

    Nov 15, 2019 GA Convention on Animal Testing: Seeking to ban animal testing for nefarious purposes, and presenting a framework for ethical testing of animals, with guidance for humane release, reintegration, or rehabilitation, afterwards.
    Author: Marxist Germany (10000 Islands)
    10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/38023/ga-resolution-convention-animal-testing
    Regional vote: For 7| Against 2 | Abstain 1
    Delegate vote: For (weight 306)
    Final WA vote: For 7621 (51%) | Against 7310 (49%)
    Result: Passed Nov 19, becoming GAR#477

    Nov 20, 2019 SC Liberate Aurelia: Designed to empower the Security Council to remove a password from the target region, in order to oust occupying forces.
    Author: Kuriko (10000 Islands)
    10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/38039/sc-resolution-liberate-aurelia
    Regional vote: For 13 | Against 1
    Delegate vote: For (weight 312)
    Final WA vote: For 12414 (85%) | Against 2236 (15%)
    Result: Passed Nov 23, becoming SC#290

    Nov 29, 2019 GA Repeal "Ban on Secret Treaties"[/u][/i]: This repeal attempt expresses concerns over the unnecessary bureaucracy created by the target resolution, and argues that it stands as barrier of clandestine but peaceable alliances. It also cites some confusing language with the text of the target.
    Author: Refuge Isle
    Note: A Legality Challenge was issued against this repeal, citing a rule violation. The GA Secretariat voted to support that challenge, deeming the resolution illegal.
    Result: Resolution withdrawn

    Around the Islands
    -Minister of Immigration Sargon Reman is hosting a recruiting competition for the month of Novmeber. See here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37928/november-recruitment-competition

    -Senior Senator HumanSanity with the help of Poet Laureate Aersoldorf hosted celebrations for two 10000 Islands holidays.
    We celebrated Wootsockens Day on November 4th, which commemorates the anniversary of Woonsocket and Wordy's wedding: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37977/happy-wootsockens-day
    We also celebrated Ananke II Day on November 5th, which commemorates the service of longtime 10000 Islands Delegate, TITO Knight, and former TITO Tactical Officer Ananke: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37981/happy-ananke-ii-day
    In honor of Ananke Day, HS also restarted her old "Book Talk" thread: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37980/book-talk-2

    -Deputy Cartographer-General Free Earthian Yap and Cartographer-General Paffnia released new versions of the 10000 Islands map for use in Role Playing including a physical geography map and a map with capitol cities. See here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37982/xki-map-versions
    They have also introduced the concept of Trade Pacts to the regional map. See here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37984/introducing-trade-routes-pacts
    Jumping off of that, Paffnia and HumanSanity established the Liberal Understanding and Agreement on Commerce (LUAC) Trade Pact. They were shortly joined by United Royal Islands. See more here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/38044/liberal-understanding-agreement-commerce-luac
    In other bright news for 10000 Islands Role Playing, Delegate Kuriko is starting conversations around world building for the 10000 Islands community! More here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37990/ooc-kuri-wants-create-world

    -Lyonnesse East Senator United Royal Islands has wrapped up the House Cup, Shield, and Scepter competition from October. The House Cup is awarded to the Great House which sends the most recruiting telegrams in the month. The House Shield is awarded to the Great House which sends the most recruiting telegrams per WA member in the month. The House Scepter is awarded to the Great House which has the member with the most efficient recruiting telegram in the month. Great Houses are based on the lineage of who recruited members to 10000 Islands.
    Congratuations to the House of Improving Wordiness, led by Escanaba, on winning the House Cup; to the House of Sargon Reman on winning the House Shield; and to the House of Echolilia's HumanSanity for winning the House Scepter. Thanks to all who participated!: http://10000islands.proboards.com/post/1714176/thread

    -Minister of Labor Paffnia has commissioned new medals for our N-Day and Z-Day contributors! Thanks to Almonaster for their work on the designs. See here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37989/medals-needed?page=1#scrollTo=1714566

    -Mayor of Shelter's Taco Island Louisistan and HumanSanity are hosting a Gravedigging contest in Taco Island. Islanders have been digging through thread archives going back as far as 2004 to bring back old favorites. See more information about the compeitiotn, and maybe if one of the threads catches your eye, here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/38019/shelters-taco-island-gravedigging-bonanza

    -In the Regional Reserve, the Mortimer Report came out with profits despite a meteor hitting 10000 Islands! Thanks to Regional Reserve Chairwoman United Royal Islands and Deputy Regional Reserve Chairbull Woonsocket for their work on this! See here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/38036/meteor-hits-islands
    Additionally, the pilot project of Universal Post Count Payments in response to the difficulties with receiving Tacos for mobile posts was integrated into the Mortimer Report by the RRC. More information is here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/t...e-posts-pilot-program?page=1&scrollTo=1714595
    Lastly in RRC news, Congratulations to WA Delegate Kuriko on winning Account of the Quarter for the fourth Quarter. See the announcement here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/38025/account-quarter-q4-2019

    -Taco Island Charities, long staffed primarily by Chairman Paffnia, has expanded its staff to include Sargon Reman and United Royal Islands. Congratulations to Sargon and URI, and we all look forward to seeing what this new team can accomplish! See here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/38018/tic-announces-board-directors?page=1&scrollTo=1714589

    -Mayor of Shelter's Taco Island Louisistan has opened elections to the informal, non-governmental, fun Taco Island Parliament! Voting threads are scattered throughout the Taco Island sub-board - the announcement and information may be found here: http://10000islands.proboards.com/thread/37883/taco-island-general-election-announced

    -Lastly, Poet Laureate Aersoldorf penned this beautiful poem regarding life in Taco Island. I have re-printed it in its entirety here:

    You're what you eat some people say
    But I declare to you this day
    Your actions tell so much ‘bout you
    That people are that which they do

    I spam all day and in the night
    Yes when it’s dark and when it’s light
    I simply, really, love to spam
    So you can call me Spam-I-Am

    That Spam-I-Am, that Spam-I-Am,
    I do detest that Spam-I-Am,
    Always spamming here and there,
    I find his drivel everywhere

    Would you like to spam with me?
    It’s so much fun, just try, you’ll see
    I do not want to spam with you,
    I’ve more important things to do

    Would you, could you, on the moon?
    Would you want to spam with Woon?
    What about while in a box?
    Or perhaps with Ater Nox?

    Would you, could you on a boat?
    What about upon a float?
    Would you, could you in your car?
    While downing drinks inside a bar?

    Would you spam out in the rain?
    Or riding on a speeding train?
    Would you, could you in your house?
    You can send it with your mouse.

    I would not, could not, on the moon,
    Nor will I with the bullish Woon.
    I do not want to sit and spam,
    You leave me be now Spam-I-Am.

    Not in a box and not on a train,
    I don’t know Nox and hate the rain,
    Not on a boat or in a bar
    Not while I float nor in my car.

    I won’t have spam inside my house,
    I will not send it with my mouse,
    I do not like you Spam-I-Am,
    So in your face my door I’ll slam

    You do not like to send out spam?
    I can’t believe that that’s true fam,
    You don’t like it, so you say,
    Try it, try it and you may.

    Spam if you will let me be,
    I will try it and you’ll see,
    I’ll post some nonsense here and now,
    Hey!! Eureka!! Holy Cow!!

    Say, I think I like to spam,
    Thank you, thank you Spam-I-Am,
    Let’s spam all over these fair isles,
    And bring to faces many smiles​

    -And, lastly, on the game side:
    Regional pollster Jabberwocky continues to press Islanders for their most beloved authors through history, and November saw a variety of options from the Edwardian era, but since we highlighted the Catwoman poll last month, it's only reasonable to find out whom XKI feels played the best Joker: www.nationstates.net/page=poll/p=149652

    On the RMB, LimpBizkit had this to say about the Joker poll results www.nationstates.net/page=rmb/postid=36966777
    Evil Dictators Happyland asked a burning question: www.nationstates.net/page=rmb/postid=36900132
    A surprising turn of events: www.nationstates.net/page=rmb/postid=36904201
    Which may explain why this debate keeps raging www.nationstates.net/page=rmb/postid=36916743
    And finally, the enemy is revealed www.nationstates.net/page=rmb/postid=36989218

    Meet A Nation Interview
    This month I sat down with Hakketomat, a long time 10000 Islands resident and TITO XO, who has also served as Senior Senator in the past.

    HS: How did you originally hear about NationStates? When you signed up what were you expecting? How has that differed from why you've stayed around?
    Hakke: I was once looking for a game in which I could simulate a country or at least run a country in a way similar to a grand strategy game but not so reliant on warfare. Something more political. I was hoping that I would get something less text based but NationStates is what I found when I ran a Google search. That is to say... NationStates was one of the free games I found.
    Why I stayed even though NationStates didn't meet my expectations is because as luck would have it, I received a recruitment letter that invited me to join 10000 Islands. Even though I was reluctant to take part in the forum activities, I managed to overcome that reluctance and spam a bit. Had it not been for that, I would most likely have quit the game soon after having started playing.
    HS: What specific aspects of the forum / forum activities attracted you and got you involved?
    Hakke: At first it was the World Assembly discussions. I was attracted to the WA and the lawmaking. Then I realized that the WA is mostly bollocks.
    I got into the spam section Taco Island. It was there where I first started to make friends.
    HS: That’s cool! Who were some of your first TI friends? Also, relatedly, is there anyone you’d identify as a mentor in NS or in any aspect of it? If so, who and how did they shape how you play?
    Hakke: Some of my first friends... Aersoldorf welcomed me into his house and our friendship started from there. That was early on. That was on the suggestion of my assigned forum buddy Ardreas. Ater Nox became my spam buddy and managed to keep me interested in Taco Island.
    But your question is specifically limited to Taco Island, and Ardreas wasn't much involved there as far as I could tell. So my first TI friends would be Aersoldorf, whom I spammed with in his Mayor Mansion thread, and Ater Nox and Louisistan.
    As for mentor in NS... not anyone specifically.
    HS: Is there anything that people do in NS that you've always wanted to try but never had the chance to try?
    Hakke: I can't come up with anything that I feel like I would like to do. I've never gotten around to write WA resolutions. But I'm not too bummed out about that since I don't care for the WA.
    HS: Haha that’s fair. What would you say is your proudest accomplishment in NS?
    Hakke: I'm proud to have served on TITO Command as an Executive Officer for about two and a half years. That makes me the longest serving Executive Officer. I've also served on TITO Command under three different Commander in Chiefs.
    Editor's Note: Hakketomat, Kanta Hame, and Kortexia all hold the distinction of serving under all three Commanders-in-Chief. Additionally, Paffnia holds the distinction of being the only Minister to serve under all three Chief Executives.
    HS: What is one of your favorite things you've done in this game or the time you've laughed the hardest? What's one of the more stressful or frustrating things you've done?
    Hakke: Oh... I've laughed a lot of times when reading funny posts and responses in Taco Island threads.
    One thing that has been very frustrating is explaining to others the concept of vampires and how a cross and holy water isn't gonna help fending off vampires. Another thing that has been frustrating is explaining to my fellow Islanders that I'm a vampire and not something else. I'm not gonna mention what "something else" I'm talking about. It's actually a taboo subject.

    Thanks for reading! Until next month, your 10KI Update staff Senator HumanSanity and Deputy Senator THX1138​
  3. XKI Emissary to Europe

    XKI Emissary to Europe New Member

    Jul 2, 2019
    An Update from 10000 Islands:
    Given the numerous forum hosts throughout NS, we in XKI have decided to reduce the significant workload associated with harmonizing code for each, when posting our monthly Emissary Reports. Moving forward, a simple teaser photo will be universally posted in our International embassies, followed by a link to the Dispatch itself. We trust that this will still provide ready access to the Reports and the information within, while reducing the length of posts, and eliminating the requisite tailoring.
    Kindest Regards,
    XKI Emissary to Europe

    Hello there guest. Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Greetings, friends of the 10000 Islands! Our monthly report on our region is now out, which can be seen in the image above. If you wish to see the whole report, please click this link: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1303974
  4. XKI Emissary to Europe

    XKI Emissary to Europe New Member

    Jul 2, 2019
  5. XKI Emissary to Europe

    XKI Emissary to Europe New Member

    Jul 2, 2019

    Hello there guest. Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Greetings from 10000 Islands. Our diplomatic staff is pleased to present the latest regional report, highlighting XKI news and events from February. In keeping with our new format, we have provided a preview image of the update dispatch. To view the report dispatch in full, please follow this link: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1331269

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