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Full Disclosure [Attn: Sylvania]


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Aug 9, 2012
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28 Hortia CCI | 16 de Junio 2020

His Excellency Ashley M. Breckenridge
The Continental Republic of Sylvania
Charleroi, Sylvania

Dear President Breckenridge,

I am writing to you directly to discuss a matter of vital importance to both our countries. The following information is considered top secret and intended only for the eyes of the Sylvanian Government and those with which you yourself deem necessary.

Recently, General-Secretary Demetria Unathi Vavi of the Organization of Democratic States attended and concluded a meeting with the Grand Duchy of Furlanìe to discuss repairing relations between the organization and the Grand Duchy. Rectifying relations with the Grand Duchy and the ODS has been identified as a key policy goal of the Republic and as a result we were greatly supportive of General-Secretary Vavi’s mission. Unfortunately, the report submitted by the General-Secretary to the member-states of the ODS has given the Republic significant cause for concern. The areas of importance with which we feel directly impact the Continental Republic, or the mission of the Democratic Defense Initiative, are attached below.

1) The Grand Duchy, despite repeatedly insulting the Organization of Democratic States and overtly labeling it as the greatest threat to Gallo-Germania, nevertheless sought to pursue full membership. Full membership in the ODS would be a direct violation of Article IV of the Grau-Ivar Agreement – an agreement they themselves negotiated. Needless to say the response of Kadikistan when Trivodnia even attempted to get closer to Trier ended in tragedy. The Furlan diplomatic corps’ seeming ignorance on what its requirements to its own agreement are is certainly a frightening proposition that the Republic worries will cause severe problems down the line.

2) In comparison of the ODS and the Rurikgrad Pact, the Furlan Diplomatic Corps stated “[The Rurikgrad Pac are more] accommodating, diplomatic, as well as economically and culturally interesting.” Further, they stated that given the choice between joining an alliance with the ODS over Rurikgrad, the Grand Duchy would choose Rurikgrad.

3) The Grand Duchy has declared Pelasgia a “brotherly” nation and further admires the imperialism of the Empire. Speaking highly of the Pelasgian Empire’s proclaimed hegemony of the Long Sea, the Grand Duchy expressed a view that they would see themselves become the primary power in the Northern Long Sea. This explains the Grand Duchy’s rejection of the DDI’s open seas initiative and opposition to DDI forces.

4) The Grand Duchy stated that the bigger threat to Gallian peace is not Rurikgrad, but rather the “bands of anarchists” in the far east and north, namely the Anti-State and the Commonwealth of Pohjanmaa. When General-Secretary Vavi’s pressed the diplomatic corps on the fact of the friendly to neutral relations ODS member states have with DDI nations, they responded, explicitly “ODS states cannot be saved anymore.” Further, the Grand Duchy expressed interest in a mutual defense agreement with the ODS that would specifically target DDI activity.

The report issued by the General-Secretary, and the excerpts shared with you today, are chilling. They confirm the Aurarine Republic’s fear and apprehension over the Grau-Ivar Agreement which has only grown more concerning over learning that Grau is not truly aware of what the agreement entails nor their obligations to it. The commitment of Kadikistan to maintaining its SQTs, and the legitimization that Grau gave Ivar through their agreement, is a direct and serious threat to the security of Gallo-Germania.

Auraria is preparing to support calls for democratization of the Long Sea, to safeguard free and unabridged travel and commerce through it. The threats to the Long Sea are ever present, and after reading this report we fear the threat has grown even greater.

In conclusion, it is not the intention of the Aurarine Republic to make any asks or demands of the Continental Republic in regards to its policies toward the Grand Duchy or any state. As a sovereign state, the Continental Republic is well within its rights to act as it so pleases. Nevertheless, there is significant economic agreements between Grau and Charleroi, including military agreements. As a result, the Republic felt so behooved in this moment of cooperation and friendship between our two states that the Continental Republic must promptly and fully be briefed and made aware of the Grand Duchy’s long-term goals and planning in the Long Sea and elsewhere.

With Regards,

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Feb 19, 2011
The Heart of Dixie

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Charleroi, Clarion, C.R.S., 35322-2334


President Bartolomé Ordenes,

I would like to thank you for your open approach with this critical information. Clearly the leadership in Grau has further divorced itself from reality, my diplomatic staff was quite afraid of this when Furlan military leadership came to us asking to purchase weapons from our military industrial concerns after the announcement of the Grau-Ivar Agreement. At the time we were more concerned of Rurikgrad gaining insight into our weapons technologies by why of Furlanie, now it seems that it has gone much further than that.

Our friends in Pohjanmaa already view these SQT's as alliances all but in the name and with this latest SQT that wisdom seems all the more validated. Grau's views of Rurikgrad leave us all, but especially ODS nations in a dangerous position. It is not out of the realm of possibility that failing to gain any headway into the ODS' good graces, that Grau may begin inviting Rurikgrad military units into their own nation. Any further advances into Gallia by communist forces will only serve to further compromise our own Open Seas Initiative and ODS's security as an organization entirely dependent on the Long Sea.

Were it possible we would cancel all agreements with Furlanie immediately, however this would alert them that we are on to them by way of you informing us and possibly torpedo any headway the ODS may have with Furlanie in trying to bring them back to sanity. Luckily as I have said previously, our agreements have been limited to rifle sales and an economic deal with one of our largest auto manufacturers. While the damage done in canceling them will temporarily hurt important sectors of our economy, it must ultimately be done. We plan to set up "unfortunate delays" in these deals until the moment for cancellation comes so as not to disrupt your hard work.

We are also concerned with the status of relations between the Pelasgian Empire and Furlanie, we have viewed Pelasgia's SQT with deep suspicion and it is clear to us that Ivar and Propontios are attempting to divvy up the region between each other. This is why we must all shed previous bad feelings and support the democratization of the Long Sea, by doing so we can wrench away power from these despots and communist murderers before they divide us and choke us all to death.

The other members in our alliance will of course be notified in a secret session of the DDI council. I shall inform you of any significant developments should it be helpful to you in preventing disaster. While initial relations with ODS have been rocky, we are glad to see that the work done between our foreign ministers has already done so much in smoothing out the bumps in our previous interactions with ODS.

Once again I thank you for this crucial information. I can only hope that the leadership of Grau regains its senses before it is too late.

Ashley M. Breckenridge,
President of the Continental Republic