In the land of the Pazaris

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    The movement had been in complete disarray for several days now. Ever since the protests all around the mazaganese archipelago he had been expecting to finally arrive to his home to be taken away by the authorities as, while he, and many other lesser members of the Mazagan Democratic Party, having been a mere party functionary, had been left mostly to their own devices after the initial arrests and even after the party was declared illegal, having taken a leading role in organizing and coordinating the protests, he was now perhaps one of the faces of the independetist movement, and while he did not see himself as the leader of any such movement, mostly because with the political and community leadership of the urodoah having been arrested there wasn't that much resemebling a structured movement, he had come to establish a network of contacts with other organizers, and in the absence of anyone else, the urodoah people had turned to him to act as their guide and leader.

    When he heard of the explosion in downtown Jerzam, in a street he often walked through, and where just a few weeks ago the protests had crossed through, he entered into a panic. They'd find out where he lived, beat him into a pulp and leave him for dead. But most worryingly, despite being in the center of the emerging underground independence movement he had no idea of who could have been behind the bombing and he knew, with perhaps a naive certainty, that none of the other organizers could have been behind it. The rank and file, such as he was and were most others that led the protests, street actions, boycotts and strikes, of the former Mazagan Democratic Party were not particularly in favour of violent action against the zhoryan state. Some were not even independence defending nationalists, but rather propopnents of further autonomy, though recent events had either radicalized this small group or largely marginalized into irrelevance.

    That night, on the day after the explosions, he expected to wake up to police beating down on his door in the middle of the night, but no such thing happened. Instead he got to his door of his small suburban house to be greeted by two older men, and while they seemed to be carrying guns they did not look like they were either there to arrest him or kill him.

    " Hello, comrade Méris. " - one of the old men said while holding his hand out for an handshake - " Don't worry, we're brothers in arms, not enemies. " - the friendly looking moustache faced man attempted to calm down Méris, who finally let out a faint one word sentence - " Hello. "

    " If you don't mind inviting us inside I think it would be better, three men hanging out on someone's door at night doesn't look good, don't you think? We promise we won't bother you too long. " - the other man still hadn't said a word and seemed to be there merely as a guard and lookout - " I have come here with very important matters that need your attention, comrade Méris. "

    The references to comrade seemed relatively out of place for someone that had presented themselves as a fellow brother in arms, and he inferred, a former party member and urodoah nationalist. It was true that the Mazagan Democratic Party was not wholly ideologically homogeneous, since it's main stated goal was to represent the whole of urodoah interests, though it had mostly a left wing character to it, this was more in line with the dominant left wing zhoryan Progressive Party, which rather than being a socialist or communist party had simply co-opted the defence of causes such as the welfare system and equality from more left-wing parties without adopting their rhetoric or ideology backing, while still being characterized by centrist-liberalism and free market apologetics. Treating another party member as "comrade" seemed more something out of the marxist-leninovist Urudoah League of Communists or the post-delegationist inspired Mazagan Anti-Statist Association, organizations that had been banned long before the Mazagan Democratic Party, and were much more radical in their outlook, goals and ways to achieve them.

    But he relented. Was it really the fact that man had called him comrade that was unerving? Or rather, the fact that a bomb had exploded in Jerzam on the same day two armed men showed up on his door and invited themselves into his home?

    " Of course. Let me open the door. Ok? "
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