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Nielsen Motorbike Company


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Oct 31, 2006
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Nielsen Motorbike Company

Founded by Peder Nielsen in 1916, the Nielsen Motorbike Company debuted with the Model A. Widely distributed to police, military and the civilian markets, the Model A proved to be a large success. The company grew out of the Nielsen Cycle Company in Fredriksborg. The company is one of the largest in Jutegn and is one of the largest producers of both Motorcycles and Bicycles in the world.

Model A1 - 1919-present
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A basic but capable model. Iteration of the 1916 Model A.

Model B 1920-present
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A more well equipped and more expensive model. Based heavily on the Model A1

Idun Bicycle III
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The third iteration of the world famous Idun. The Idun has been licensed and exported throughout the world.

The product range is small but quality is extremely high. All are produced at the Bolshavn facilities. To license production of the Model A1 or Idun II or III , please contact Nielsen Motorbike Company at 42 Rødkløvervej, Bolshavn.