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[POLICY] Delegate Support for Proposals

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Apr 6, 2015
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Vote policy. The current regional policy with regard to Delegate votes in the General Assembly as of 11 October 2017 is as follows:
  1. The Delegate attempts to vote, after performing an analysis of the resolution at vote, as soon as possible.
  2. The Delegate considers the opinions of the European electorate over that voting period, as expressed on this forum, the regional message board, in a poll conducted, or in telegrams addressed to the Delegate.
  3. The Delegate reconsiders the initial vote in line with the European electorate and weighs that against relevant analysis of the resolution at vote.
Foreign Requests. No formal consideration will be provided to opinions expressed from outside the European electorate unless they are provided specifically via this forum, a telegram sent to the Delegate, or other methods of reaching the Delegate and the Delegate alone. In accordance with the , the region will retaliate with a negative vote, per preexisting policy, if it is believed to be appropriate.

Security Council. Matters in the Security Council are considered at the bequest of European citizens and decided by the Cabinet after consultations with the Founder. The region is officially neutral on all gameplay matters, but reserves the right and ability to take sides on such matters and vote on role-play Commendations and Condemnations.

Services for constituents. For European citizens in good standing, please telegram the Delegate for approval. In the interests of advancing European involvement in the World Assembly, Europe has an open approval policy for all drafts or proposals with reasonable chances of success at vote. The Delegate also provides campaign assistance to bring such proposals to quorum.

This does not, however, entail at vote support. The Delegate will make up his own mind vis-à-vis voting in the Assembly. However, consideration will be given to the source of the proposal from the region, and the Delegate will not actively vote against the proposal unless the proposal fails to meet basic public policy or drafting standards.

Please submit all requests to this thread in the forum, via , or the regional .
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