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Restoring Balance [Attn: Pelasgia]


Elder Statesman
Aug 9, 2012
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4 Multames CC | 21 August 2019
The Honorable Sophokles Dragonas
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Federative Republic of Pelasgia
Propontis, Pelasgia

Dear Minister Dragonas,

Firstly, allow me - on behalf of the entirety of the Aurarine Republic, birthplace of the Universal Declaration of Human Values - congratulate the Federative Republic of Pelasgia on this momentous occasion of its peaceful, sound transition from an empire to a country where sovereignty is placed within its people and as such power remains with them. This is a hallmark of civilization and a genuine gift to the peoples of the world. Undoubtedly in this transition, the Aurarine Republic will remain a staunch ally in the cause and make whatever resources necessary available in order to ensure the success of the new Pelasgian Democracy.

However, this democracy comes at a time when peace in our world is a memory and the status quo, of which had guaranteed that peace, forever is shattered. The Thaumantic Domain, at present, has launched a brash, illegal, inhumane war against the Burgundian people - a people suffering from the internal strife and anguish as the fall of the Grand Duke crippled the once superpower of Gallia. While that invasion, and the subsequent world with which it will build, is a topic that require the utmost attention - we would do ourselves a disservice to ignore an emerging threat from the East.

The Polity of Touzen, through an orchestrated and fabricated scheme of piracy, has forced its way into the Long Sea and established a presence that was previously considered inconceivable. The Grand Duchy of Lars, who's foreign policy remains at odds with objective rationality, has allowed for the construction of a permanent military base from Touzen. In addition to that advance, the Polity intends to convene a second conference regarding the affairs of the Long Sea where it will propose, with no room for negotiation, the implementation of an international commission to coordinate military activity in order to safeguard global trade.

The Aurarine Republic has objectively failed to prevent the expansion of Post-Delegationist forces into the Long Sea. Currently, without a massive military offensive, the Republic sees no possibility of stopping the already present forces of the Anti-State. In addition, with the Thaumantic Domain's much more immediate threat, we see it as unwise to engage the Post-Delegationists in a military fashion. However, it remains fact that the Anti-State's intentions with a commission are for nothing more than a permanent guarantee of their military assets to have free access to the Long Sea where they will inevitably intervene and circumvent the established order with the intention of stacking the odds in their favor. The Republic of Auraria cannot prevent this unfortunate future from becoming reality.

However, the combined forces of Serenierre, Eiffelland-Retalia, Pelasgia, and Auraria can. Therefore, when the Anti-State seeks to set up its second conference, we urge that it behooves the Federative Republic of Pelasgia to send a delegate in order to prevent the Long Sea succumbing to Post-Delegationism.

We thank you for your consideration and we eagerly await a favorable answer.

All the best,
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Elder Statesman
Sep 30, 2014
Athens, Greece
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Official Communique

ΑΣ 4042/2019 | Top Secret | Lightning-Rapid
Propontis, 22 August 2019

The Honorable Sevastian Orenes
Minister for External Relations
Republic of @Auraria
Solis, Auraria

Honourable Minister,

On behalf of the Federative Republic of Pelasgia, I would like to thank you and your governments for the sentiments expressed in your communique. The return of Democracy to the place that birthed it and of Republicanism to the state where it first emerged is indeed a remarkable historic event. Even without these historical aspects, the reclamation of Popular Rule by a Nation of over a hundred million people is a great victory for popular sovereignty and national self-determination across Europe. The peaceful nature of the whole endeavour only heightens its importance, though the peaceful acceptance of Republicanism as a normal and legitimate form of government by the reactionaries in our day would have been impossible without the sacrifice of your own ancestors two hundred years ago. May it be the first of many that knocks down tyrants and frees people from slavery and dictatorship the world over.

It is indeed tragic to see that peace and tranquility in our world, which both of our Nations had and have laboured so hard to preserve, has been shattered by the fires of war, replacing all that is good and holy with the rapine and mindless slaughter of martial conflict. The invasion of the newborn Burgundian People's Republic by the Engell reactionaries and slavers from across the Thaumatic Ocean is but one of many of the grave sins that have led to the current calamity which engulfs our world. However, it is by far the greatest and most abhorrent, for the Oligarchs of the barbaric New World have chosen to stab the Old World that birthed them in the back and slaughter and enslave a people for merely wishing to overthrow hereditary tyranny in favour of a Republic. Though Pelasgia's objections to Marxism are well known, we believe that the people of a Nation should be able to make their own choice for their form of government, even if we disagree with the said choice. Evidently, the Engells reject this inherent ideal of Popular Sovereignty and National Self-Determination.

Equally, we share your terror about the recent developments in the Long Sea. The breach of the Avgiros-Ferreiro Accords and any therefrom resultant distaste between us must give way to the need to preserve our mutual home from the barbaric invaders who have now sought to normalise and expand their presence in the Long Sea. The ink is still not dried on the paper of your Treaty with the Touzenites and their Far Northern vassals, and they have already violated it by placing more troops and weapons systems in Lars, surpassing those they had in the area at the end of the Long Sea Crisis. We are not fooled by the Touzenite Polity's overtures of peace: the Freemasons of Touzen want to see our own State crumble and to colonise Philistaea and commit ethnic cleansing upon its indigenous inhabitants. This we cannot allow, which is why we refuse to acknowledge any legitimate presence of their in our region whatsoever.

Auraria righteously and boldly tried to stop their attempts to invading the Long Sea, which were based on entirely false and fabricated pretexts. For this you should be congratulated and thanked by all civilised peoples. Alas, it was not enough. The Polity and its Vassal pose a threat to all of Europe equal if not greater than that of Engell Imperialism. I fear that if we do not come together, and by "we" I mean not only our two Republics but all of the countries in the greater region, a force from the Far East almost as destructive as the Black Death might be upon us. Pelasgia does not wish to attend any meeting whatsoever with the Polity's representatives. But if all of the region's representatives can come together to oppose and denounce their efforts as a united front we would be willing and also obliged to attend. We will not legitimise their invasion of the Long Sea with our presence, except if only to denounce them along with all the legitimate local stakeholder countries of the Long Sea. I agree that we cannot engage the Anti-Statists militarily at the present moment, but we should still do our best to cooperate and oppose them in whatever way we can for now, and to plan for the future, once the Thaumaticist threat has been dealt with.

Signed and sealed,

Σοφοκλῆς Δραγώνας

Sophokles Dragonas
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Federative Republic of Pelasgia