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Two Southern Engells (ATTN: Natal)


Elder Statesman
May 4, 2010
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June 14, 2019
The Honorable Cyrus Black
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Combs House, Federation Complex
58 Heroes’ Square
Camp Hill, Lower Natal Republic, CH5-8HN

Dear Minister Black,

The Fifteen States of the Commonwealth of Clarenthia are unified by the 1842 Treaty of Unification that serves as the official founding document of the nation itself. While at the time only five states, the Treatylands have grown in encompass a union of fifteen in domestic tranquility. The Treaty opens with “In Mutual Prosperity,” which has since become an unofficial motto of the nation and a guiding principle with which we interact with the world at large.

Undoubtedly, among the Engell world, the Federation of the Natal and the Commonwealth of Clarenthia are unique. It is regrettable, then, that the relationship between our two countries is not stronger. It is the Treatylands’ wish to correct that.

With your blessing, the Commonwealth of Clarenthia would like to propose an official state visit between the Natal and the Treatylands hosted first by the Natal and then a second in the Treatylands to celebrate the cultural diversity and similarities between our two nations and initiate a relationship that will increase the prosperity of our two countries. There is no doubt in my country that President Stone and Governor-General Sinclair will forge a friendship between our peoples that will stand the test of time.

With a favorable reply, the Treatylands’ Commission for Foreign Affairs and Fictional Organizations will at once begin preparations.

In mutual prosperity,
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Elder Statesman
Oct 7, 2018
Camp Hill
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

From: Cyrus Black, Minister of Foreign Affairs;
To: Aston Notleigh, Comissioner for External Affairs and Fictional Organisations;

Your Excellency,

The Federation, it's government and folk and thrilled to receive this missive from your government and cannot state how happy we are to see that southern brothers of ours, like you are coming towards up with proposals of friendship and brotherhood.

The Federation understand the unique position the Commonwealth finds itself and can observe the parallels between its very own history and Clarenthia's to observe that while it is far away from the Thaumantic Civilisation and its local conditions
differentiate it quite a lot from the classical view of Engell Civilisation, Natal still is part of the family and is ready to see Clarenthia as a twinned nation.

Stating this, the State President of Natal, the Right Honourable Adrianne Stone, together with the Chief Minister, the Right Honourable Demetria Unathi Vavi are glad to receive a delegation from Clarenthia, with the hopes that our two great nations can come closer and weld tighter the bonds that we have already created.

Signed and Sealed
On behalf of the Folk,
Cyrus Black
Minister of Foreign Affairs