Where the foxes dare.

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    It was a typical sunny day in June in Lars, with its 28 degrees and a sea wind that blew through the historic streets of the capital of the Grand Duchy. Also this week the prime minister has called the assembly for the security of his country. Taking part in the meeting were the "Fox" secret services and the agencies under it administered with their respective directors like ASI and ASE. The topic of the day would be the reactivation of Kadikistan's interests for the new ally of the Grand Duchy, CBS.

    The various secret service managers were all sitting around a circular table before Tusca Larci entered the meeting room inside the government building. The room was in Baroque style and at its center was a round table with mythological figures carved on the foundation of four ducats. The Director of the FOX agency, Claudio Palmura, was sitting on the right, while the Directors Francesco Belvi "ASI" and Germani Hulmen "ASE" were seated respectively on the opposite sides, in fact leaving the place for the Prime Minister between them. The Prime Minister takes a seat and immediately start the agenda.

    T. Larci : "Good morning, I am sorry to summon you to the city on such a beautiful day, but we have work to do. First we start and the sooner you can go back to your respective activities. Director Hulmen, Kadikist military units have been registered in the territories of the Crotobaltislavonia republic, why did your agency not find it necessary to inform me?"

    G. Humler: "Prime Minister, the soldiers present in the territory of the CBS republic are mostly instructors or technological support and are not able to form a combative unit capable of causing material damage to our nation."

    T. Larci : "Mr Humler, I did not ask you if the soldiers inside the CBS territory were capable of causing material damage to our nation. You represent an agency that has the role of defending the political, military and economic interests of Lars. The hold of those soldiers could jeopardize the delicate transition process that the country is going through, so I expect more surveillance on those soldiers. A passive surveillance that does not affect our relationship with the local government. Palmira will be obliged to ensure that my request is respected and that in doing so you are not likely to be discovered, it would be unattractive."

    T. Larci didn't like having to do with the secret services, especially when they decided to omit certain information that would have been fundamental for her during international negotiations. However, she recognized the fundamental usefulness of the secret services for national defense, although she did not share the methods, she being more a woman for uncomfortable truths rather than sweet lies.

    Minutes passed and it was up to the director Belvi and his report on national information security.

    F. Belvi: "Dear colleagues, as you can see from the documents on the table, in the past months we have noticed an increase in cyber warfare between the nations of Serenniere and Eiffilland-Retalia. We have been monitoring the situation for a long time in order to improve our defenses for a similar attack. We also simulated an attack on various military and civil information systems of the Grand Duchy to test its defense capabilities. The biggest sistem weakness concerns two civil and one public computer systems, which would be very vulnerable to a foreign cyber attack. The high-speed rail network could be taken out of service in the north of the country, while hospitals and government buildings could suffer numerous blackouts if hackers decide to attack the electricity grid of the south east of the nation. The biggest problem, however, represents the vulnerability of the IT transport system of the metropolitan area of Pisa. This would require an urgent upgrade to prevent thousands of citizens stranded inside the subway or an unsupervised city airspace."

    T. Larci : "Thank you. The situation seems really serious. The government will provide all the necessary tools for its computer systems to be as safe as possible and now we know where we are most vulnerable, while as regards private computer systems, we will do our best to push them to update their information security as quickly as possible. We have concluded for today, I thank you for the work you have done and I believe you will have to see us again next week."

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