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Diplomatic Summit Al-Qamar/Avalonia


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Jun 8, 2024
This thread will be hosting a diplomatic summit between Al-Qamar and Avalonia.

The grand halls of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were alive with activity as the staff prepared for the arrival of the Avalonian delegation. Diplomatic aides hurried about, making sure every detail was perfect. Antique furniture was polished until it shone, and the air was filled with the sweet scent of desert roses and jasmine. A camel was doing camel sounds.

The chief protocol officer briefed the team on the day's schedule, stressing how important this meeting was for strengthening ties between Al-Qamar and Avalonia and getting that relief investment. Maps and documents about the agricultural cooperation were neatly arranged on the long table in the conference room, ready for review.

As the time for the meeting drew closer, the Qamari officials took their places, their traditional clothes immaculate and their faces a mix of anticipation and professionalism. Outside, the soft hum of the city's afternoon traffic created a backdrop for the occasion. Another camel sound. The welcoming part of the delegation stood in the grand foyer, under the high arched ceilings decorated with intricate geometric patterns, ready to welcome their Avalonian counterparts with warmth and respect.