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Feb 19, 2011
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The Department of Commerce has created a listing of Federation businesses that can be reached by other governments or organizations inquiring about their services. These companies have agreed to be available for international contracts and concerns. The legend will be divided into categories and will contain a brief description of the sector in which companies operate, in addition to an legend, [L/M/S] to indicate the size of the business that the company is used to do. This list will be updated as businesses and industries agree to be listed.​

Large = International, Small = Local.​

Automotive Industry
[L]-Arrow Motor CorporationManufacturer of vehicles for civilian and military use.
(S)-Dale Daniels Motor CompanyManufacturer of utility vehicles popular in many nations of Westernesse
(S)-Hackett Super CarsManufacturer of one off super cars and racing vehicles
[M]-AutoMartRetailer of car parts intended for the consumer market
[L]-Shanklin Tire and Rubber CompanyMass manufacturer of tire and other rubber related products.
[M]-Vista Automotive ElectronicsAutomotive supplier that designs, engineers and manufactures automotive cockpit electronics for vehicle manufacturers.
Aerospace Industry
[L]-Jupiter AerojetThe Federation's primary aerospace contractor. Manufacturer of military and civilian airplanes as well as rockets and satellite components.
[M]-Continental ConsolidatedManufacturer of primarily military aircraft created by merger of several smaller companies under the Continental Corporation banner.
(L)-Madsen General EngineeringSupplier of aircraft and rocket engines as well as various instruments and electronic cockpit packages.
(S)-Sperry Propulsion SystemsManufacturer of helicopter turbo-shaft engines.
(S)-Dynamic SystemsManufacturer of electronic warfare packages, RADAR systems and propulsion systems.
Aviation Industry
[L]-Trans Westernesse AirlinesLargest Airline in the world by fleet size, passengers carried and revenue passenger mile. Owns majority share in Pannonian airline company Balert.
[M]-Alita AirlinesRegional airline focusing on small to mid market cities in the Federation and West March
[L]-Arrowhead Aircraft CorporationManufacturer of general aviation aircraft ranging from twin engine to light sport.
Banks/Financial Services
[L]-Bank of WesternesseLargest Bank in the Federation in terms of assets and equity
[M]-West Sylvania Fire and LifeInsurance services for various industries and private citizens
(S)-Federation Credit CooperativeCredit union owned and controlled by members
[L]-AMP (Advanced Micro Processors)Producer of microprocessors, motherboard chipsets, embedded processors, graphics processors, servers, workstations, personal computers and other embedded system applications
[L]-WestTech SoftwareDevelops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services
Defense Industry
[L]-Baldwin-Whitehall Shipbuilding CorporationManufacturer of a majority of the Federation Navy's warships, largest employer in Baldwin-Whitehall Megaregion.
[M]-Military Advancement and Research Agency (MARA)Global policy institute that assists Federation companies with research and development. Primarily focused on military concerns, but recently has branched out into healthcare and other civilian research needs.
[M]-Lassiter ArsenalSupplier of small arms to the Federation military and private citizens
(S)-Coonan Arms CorporationSupplier of small arms to the Federation military and private citizens
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