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Aug 2, 2020

La Cause du Peuple
The Newspaper of the People of Bezonvaux since 1935
Foreign Minister decries Angliarique " A blood-soaked slaver state"

Foreign Minister Serge Fajardie has spoken to local press and international outlets outside the People's Palace decrying the rogue state of Angliarique in the strong possible terms and declaring the institution of sanctions while railing against " The toothless, decadent liberalism of the European Forum that has allowed slavery to stain the shores of Gallia". Minister Fajardie had also not ruled out when asked the question of military action only saying " It is unclear at this stage, however we will not allow for slaves or those that deal in human misery within so much as a millimetre of our sovereign territory and if any plane or ship carrying those unfourtunates crossess our path it will be seized". The navy and airforce has recently began stepping up patrols in the area.

Hero of Socialist Labour honoured by Premier Cahun

Coal miner Olivier Rolin has been given the rank of Chevalier Third Class by Premier Léon Cahun in a ceremony at the Comrade Eugène Schueller mine today in Collonges-Regénéré. Comrade-Chevalier Rolin has been honoured due to his heroic efforts mined 102 tons of coal in less than 6 hours, then called upon all other workers in his shift to follow suit, nearly quadrupling the mines production quota with his shining example.