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The Black Eagle's Roost


Elder Statesman
Oct 7, 2018
Camp Hill
3 weeks ago

The spring of 2021 was a very cold and rainy one, and the first half of April was no different. The cold front coming from the north engulfed the city of Varna in a dense fog, that was made even worse by the humid breeze that blew from the Axshaina Sea. The early morning hours were still incredibly dark, especially with the fog and the overcast skies. Gabriel Chren, the Chairman of the Corporatist Party, a large and burly man in his early 50s, dressed quite elegantly, in an evening casual suit, was standing surrounded by some of his men in a peculiar environment, in the freight railyard of the Port of Varna. Some of the men around him wore average non-descript work clothes, some were wearing the traditional uniforms of the corporatists, the golden shirts with the black trousers and some even police uniforms.

"I just hope it won't take too long..." mumbled Chren towards one of the port workers. "No, pane Chren. It's all been dealt with. The train will arrives from Drnava with goods destined for the capital, and with some for the port, but we changed its route so that instead of going towards the freight yard of the Central Station, it will come here first. We will unload the carriages for the port and add to it our two special carriages that just arrived, then we will send it to the central yard, where we will attach our special ones to a train destined for Sobota. Once it reaches the central yard, it will be easy to make the two carriages unreachable using our great nation's bureaucracy," said the man laughing at the end. Chren just grumbled something. "It was easier to do it like this, because the full train won't arise suspicion, especially when it was supposed to reach both the port and the central yard, whereas if we took a special shunting locomotive for them, we would have needed extra papers, and it would have been easier to spot the transport," the man further explained, apologetically. "Of course, you will be handsomely paid for this, and for your silence, don't get me wrong," said Chren slowly nodding, thoughtfully.

The men around him were talking slowly and quietly, but the gathering itself was quiet. The sounds of a passing train, further away and the engines of a ship preparing to leave were the only ones that could be heard as the city itself was still asleep. From time to time a bird could be heard, but otherwise it was quiet. Gabriel Chren was slowly pondering on this whole plan, running the fingers of his right hand through his goatee, standing quietly, waiting.

The first thing that could be heard was the slow rumbling of carriages, which at first Chren thought it was a different consist being shunted in the yard, but then the others getting more and more lively, made him believe that it was clearly the train they were waiting for. He could hear the rumbling of the loaded carriages, followed by the wavy buzzing of the diesel locomotive's engine and finally it's flashlights, slowly approaching on the line they were waiting too. The met stood clear on the sides, as the train, which was longer and heavier than Chren expected strutted along the line, stopping with a very loud screech coming from its breaks.

"Dobré ráno, páni," said the engine driver as he put down the window from the cab and put his head out, greeting the men. "Good morning to you too," saluted Chren back. "You've been told what to do, right?" he asked and in response the driver nodded. "Good, I sent the men to the back already, any moment they will give the signal that the switch is changed and you'll back the train up to connect the other two carriages," Chren continued.

At the very end of the train, which was a 15 goods carriage consist, about 10 metres from the track was a series of huge bushes, that have become the home of a vagrant, as they offered him enough protection from the wind and the rain. The man, Matej Koleno, a teenager barely 17 years old, used a series of plastic bags to cover his shelter to keep the rain away from an old and soiled mattress and some winter clothes that he buried, covered in bags, hoping nobody will find them and steal them. He heard the ruckus of the train coming by and it woke him up. He was surprised, because the line was never used in the past months. He went out of the bushes to see what's happening. When he observed first the men in the police uniforms and then the golden shirts, he decided to hide and look from afar, as he knew what to expect from them. The train started reversing on another dead end track that was never used, but on which this time stood two goods carriages. He saw a man in an elegant suit coming too with a bulk of men in dockworker clothes and golden shirts.

"My God, look at those beauties. All new and never used, they will be perfect for us," he could hear the man in the suit talking, as the two carriages were added to the train and someone opened one of them and they were checking the crates inside. "History will be written with those ... I hope you got a good price for them, as I know how cheap and avaricious those cunts from overseas are... Yeah... It's all good. It will first reach Bystrica and from there Sobota... That's the staging ground, yeah..." he could hear them saying, mainly the man in the suit, with the others pretty much answering his questions and nodding in approval at each of his comments. He was curious about what was happening and he wanted to listen more, but right as he was concentrating to hear what people were talking, he felt a strong hand grab him by his collar and throwing him forward.

"Pan, look what rodent I found!" the man wearing a golden shirt said as he thrown Matej and then grabbed and pushed him to Chren. Gabriel looked at him with disgust. "He was sneaking and listening on us," the golden shirt said. "N... no... no... I ... I..." Matej tried to say something to defend himself but nothing came out. "Just get rid of him. I'd rather have none of those rats around," said Chren.